Mantra Monday: Yoga + Conscious Eating

One of the most obvious ways to see major improvement in your yoga practice is to change the way you eat. When I am able to take class on an empty stomach and have been eating tons of vegetables and food that is good for me, I am able to take my body much deeper in my practice.  I can absolutely feel a difference. Twisting and forward bending are so much easier when you feed your body correctly and you’re not weighed down by digesting heavy, processed food (to really see theses effects, try a cleanse, you won’t believe what you can do on the mat when you feel light). Suddenly inversions and arm balances are possible because you feel light from the inside out, and you can perfectly hold your own body weight.

Of course, even knowing this and trying to be conscious about it doesn’t mean it automatic.  The temptation of deliciousness and the desire to eat more are something I am challenged with every day.  If there is one single factor that helps me to eat correctly, it’s that what I eat directly effects my practice.  The more you start paying attention to how your body feels, the more you can start noticing that eating healthy always leaves you feeling vibrant and over eating and eating junk, makes you feel sluggish.  Eat an apple!!  Do it for yoga!  And remember, give your body 2 hours to digest after eating before taking class.


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