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We have this thing with baskets. If, like us, you have a fixation with all things rattan and straw, you’ve probably noticed the trend we’ve seen popping up everywhere in L.A. lately: over-sized rattan pendant lighting. Giant woven pendants can be found looming over half the new cafes and boutiques in LA  — and we’re loving it.

great white los angeles

Photo Credit: Great White Venice

Good lighting can make or break a room and, too often, overhead lighting fixtures go overlooked in the home. If you’re needing a light refresh and are looking to use more natural materials, consider implementing rattan pendant lighting in your kitchen, hallways or other living spaces. The look may fall on the dramatic side of things, but we’re impressed with how cohesive the style looks everywhere we see it put to use.

Discover how you can replicate the look at home with these pretty picks…

why we love it: While our basket obsession is very real and we love plenty of rattan and other woven materials for storage and the like, there’s something fresh about seeing the organic material mid-air. It’s a nod to the outdoors, feels fresh, and yet manages not to be too on-the-nose “beachy”. Certain pendants also catch the light and reflect organic patterns on the walls at night in a way we adore.

rattan trend in joshua tree housePhoto Credit: Joshua Tree House

how to get the look: We love the way the rattan pendant trend looks in homes — try installing a row of pendants over a kitchen island or, for the ultimate splash of 2019 style, place a few center stage in a living area as shown above at the beautifully-designed Joshua Tree House.

Here’s how to shop the look…

rattan pendantSerena & Lily Headlands Bell Pendant | The Serena & Lily pendants are the one used in the home featured above! Beautifully woven from rattan, this airy Scandinavian design adds the perfect dose of artistry and texture to the room. CHECK OUT

woven pendant lightCB2 Nassa Basket Pendant Light | This modern and minimal rattan pendant uses a double frame technique originally crafted to trap fish. The weaving lets a lot of light through to create a stunning, natural statement in any space. CHECK OUT

Rattan trend round lampSerena & Lily Headlands Round Pendant | This beautiful woven orb adds an airy softness to any room. Does your space have lots of hard angles and sharp corners? Hang this rattan pendant for a balancing contrast. CHECK OUT

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