6 Vegan Tacos That Are Giving Us Life (And Plenty Of Plant-Based Nutrition)

Is there any greater gift you could bestow upon your friends this summer than a homemade taco party? When it comes to taco recipes, we’re not purists — we believe the recipe can be tailored to any taste or nutritional need. Tacos are quick, cute, and made for sharing. If you or your crew are looking to up your game when it comes to plant-based nutrition, vegan tacos are the ultimate place to start.

From traditional tacos with a vegan edge to a tortilla-free bundle of planty goodness, we’ve featured all of these vegan tacos ideas over the years and can say from experience that they’re all great. Break out the avocados and get cooking with our favorite vegan taco recipes of all time…

crunchy cauliflower tacosCrunchy Spiced Cauliflower Tacos | In this recipe from our friends at Food Matters, spicy roasted cauliflower florets are used in place of meat – and we doubt you’ll miss it. Pair this spicy filling with a tangy avo-cilantro dressing and gluten-free homemade tortillas, and you’ve got yourself the perfect weeknight meal. READ MORE

lettuce wrap tacosLettuce Wrap Tacos | Is a ataco still a taco without the tortilla? You bet. We love this clever vegan taco that uses lettuce in place of a corn or flour tortilla. It’s loaded up with a pineapple avocado salsa. Each bite is refreshing and full of raw, plant-based nutrition. READ MORE

petty cash vegan tacosAcorn Squash Tacos | Petty Cash in West Hollywood is a local favorite and a must-taste destination for visiting foodies who value seasonal and eco-friendly ingredients. We scored a vegan taco recipe right from their menu featuring acorn squash and their signature GMO-free corn tortillas. READ MORE

mushroom avocado tacosPortabella Mushroom Tacos | Mushrooms make an amazing meat substitute for vegan tacos.They absorb tons of flavor and take on a meaty texture when cooked. These babiea are topped with vegan cheese made with chasews and nutritional yeast, and plenty of fresh avocado, of course. READ MORE

collard green vegan tacosCollard Green Tacos | This plant-powered recipe from our fave Oregonian farmer Andrea Bemis is the ultimate in vegan taco situation. They’re gluten-free, fully raw and wrapped in collard greens. Fill them up with a spicy chickpea-tahini mixture or any veggies that suit your fancy. READ MORE

rainbow Cassava Tortillas

Rainbow Cassava Tortillas | What’s on the inside of a taco matters, but what’s on the outside can make or break the whole experience. We’re obsessed with this grain and gluten-free casava tortilla recipe from Sweet Laurel Bakery. Made with totally natural plant-based food coloring, these gut-friendly rainbow discs are pretty close to perfection. READ MORE

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