Rainshow’r Series 3000 Crystal Ball

If you like to take a long, relaxing baths, then you might be interested in the Rainshow’r Crystal Bath Ball. Placing this product – designed to remove chlorine from ordinary tap water – in a full tub for 10 minutes before entering will guarantee a cleaner, healthier bath.

The benefits of the Rainshow’r Crystal Bath Ball are numerous:

1. Removes 90% or more of total chlorine

2. Improves lathering

3. Encourages healthier, Younger looking skin

4. Provides relief from dry skin

5. Works great for your baby’s bath

6. Safe for infants, adults and pets

According to the product description, the Rainshow’r works by converting chlorine ions in the water into a harmless chloride upon contact with the media filament inside the ball’s fabric pouch. This removes and eliminates the toxic effects of chlorine, chloriamines and chlorine gas as the Rainshow’r is circulated through the bath water. In addition, “the crystalline quartz mixed with the media reduces the molecular structure of water into smaller clusters, thereby enhancing sudsing and lathering of soap”. Sounds like a good deal to me.

The replaceable media filter is good for one year or 200 baths and new filters are available for purchase. For more information, see the Rainshow’r website and purchase yours from Amazon for about $36.

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