Root To Tip: Anti-Aging Hair Care

Growing up with fine, thin hair, I worked tirelessly to give it volume by curling, teasing and layering (oh, the ’80s!). Vainly, I thought of hair only as something to style. I certainly didn’t think any real change in my hair was possible and I was envious of the thick, lacquered manes of my Japanese friends. It wasn’t until discovering Dr. Miyayama’s science and products that I finally understood that hair was also about health. Using his products, I realized I could actually improve my hair’s quality, growth and thickness – and that doing so would help improve my inner body health.

While hair itself is considered a non-essential tissue, it’s important to note that growing hair is an essential mechanism for optimum health. Our body is like a machine made up of thousands of work stations that each work together and rely on each other to run smoothly. Hair helps to draw out the toxins such as heavy metals, and when our internal health is in balance, skin, hair and nails are growing, looking healthy and playing a part to maintain overall health. But when we are overwhelmed by stress, our hair reflects this imbalance and growth can become stunted. As a result, the toxins normally released as hair grows remain in our bodies, causing further internal imbalance.

This knowledge led me to found my hair care line: Our hair solution works to repair the function of our follicles and restore our body’s inherent ability to grow hair. We use a homegrown proprietary blend of aloe, tannic acids and our custom fulvic acid. Tannic acids repair cell damage and aloe renews keratin function, reviving hair growth. Fulvic acid is the most potent ingredient in the mix, an incredibly nurturing and healing element.

Developed through our custom biotechnology using raw organic vegetation, our pure humic-free fulvic acid has two key properties. It’s the transport vehicle for nutrients in the body and it efficiently removes harmful toxins. By combining these key ingredients, you can kick start your natural hair growth process and keep your whole body in line and healthy.

Being conscientious of the kind of products we put both in and on our bodies is an investment in our best selves. While there are companies offering amazing products for inner body and skin health (think Pressed Juicery, Tata Harper, Josie Maran), there has been a gap in the market for a non-toxic, yet performance-driven line for hair growth and health. Phylia de M. hopes to fill that gap with our unique, powerful formula.

Welcome to your new head of hair and health!

Love, Phylia de M.

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