Hello, gorgeous. Want to get your family or friends eating more veggies? Us too. And our favorite magic trick lately has everything to do with a little color therapy.

All the fanaticism surrounding rainbow foods can actualyl be great for our health! Each color carries it’s own set of vital nutrients called phytochemicals — bio-active compounds that are essential for a balanced, nourished body — and mixing and matching is the best way to benefit.

Any veggie will do for a rainbow crudité display (bonus points for getting your hands on some stunning pink radicchio or watermelon radishes!), but a few faves to keep in mind include: purple cauliflower, candy stripe beets, fresh spring peas, turnips, every color of tomato, purple carrots and yellow peppers.

Here are four super-nutritious colorful dips to pair with your platter. Which one is your fave?

4 Dips For Raw Veggies

Carrot Top Pesto | We can’t get enough of this planty pesto imposter from the ladies of East L.A.’s Botanica. Made with almonds, garlic and generally neglected — wait for it — carrot tops, this creamy green dip is a perfect pairing for fresh, crunchy crudité. MAKE HERE

crudite dip

Probiotic Avocado Dip | This veggie dip recipe is made with a fermented miso condiment that’s loaded with mind and body-benefitting probiotics. We love it whirled together with some tahini, avocado and coconut meat. MAKE HERE

Two bowls of hummus, one from neon beets and one regular on a blurred background of snacks spread

Beet Hummus | Pink, creamy and perfect. This roasted beet hummus is a simple dip that’s packed with flavor — and bursting with neon brightness we can’t keep our eyes off of (of veggies out of). MAKE HERE

roasted carrots

Rosewater Tahini | A traditional, tangy tahini dip gets a lift with the addition of light, refreshing rose water. The result? An ultra-craveable veggie dip you’ll want to make in mass amounts to always have on hand. MAKE HERE

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