Send A Mini Green Juice Gram For St. Patrick’s Day

Today is dedicated to all things green and mini – shamrocks, leprechauns….and green juice grams!

Pressed Juicery‘s tiny strawberry almond milk grams were basically the best thing that happened to us on Valentine’s Day last month (I mean, tiny pink milk bottles? Bye, poetry and roses!) This month, the green juice grams provide a triple-win for St. Patrick’s Day: gift a friend, potentially help them recover from a hangover and get a free shamrock-sized greens 3 for yourself! Here’s how to grab one…

How To Send A Juice Gram:

Simply enter recipient’s info HERE now through Monday March 20th and they’ll receive an email voucher for a celebratory green juice gram (you’ll receive one too!). You can then pick up your juice grams at the closest Pressed location separately – or make it a juice date!

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