The Chalkboard Q+A with Shiva Rose

It’s the little things that make each of us tick and we love to see how  our favorite people respond in such different ways to the same questions we always ask in our signature Q+A. This month, we’ve enjoyed a peek into our guest editor Shiva Rose’s garden and loved being included to a delicious holiday crafting party in her cozy kitchen—so it’s no surprise we found her thoughtful, heartfelt answers to be just as as inspiring!

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Meet our November guest editor,  Shiva Rose of The Local Rose!

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  1. Your thoughts on different questions here really represents a true spirit inside you. You are a very beautiful person not only physical but also within

    Kamlesh Drolia | 04.06.2013 | Reply
  2. Very impressive list of good wisdom. Liked it

    Reshu Bansal | 10.04.2013 | Reply

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