Shiva Rose of The Local Rose in a garden background wearing a summer dress and holding on to her hat

Meet our November guest editor, Shiva Rose of The Local Rose!

Dear Seeking Spirits,

I am so honored to be the guest editor this month for one of my most favorite sites, The Chalkboard Magazine. Since I was a little girl, my passion has always lied in protecting our planet, our mother. Healthy living – as demonstrated so eloquently and beautifully on this site – is a portal into this lifestyle and mindset.

I was raised in the countryside of Iran by an American Bohemian mother and a poetic Iranian Father. I grew up walking to the local bakery for bread baked on an open fire, and to a goat farm for fresh goat milk and yogurt. This had quite an impact on my soul, and years later, after I was newly divorced with two daughters to raise, I decided to duplicate the simplicity and purity of the life I was raised with for the first ten years of my life. I completely downsized and went as green as possible when remodeling my ranch style house near the Santa Monica mountains. I now grow most of the produce we eat in my organic garden, raise chickens and try to live a balanced, simple lifestyle – though this takes a lot of maneuvering. My days can be very hectic at times, juggling between acting auditions, researching and writing for my blog, The Local Rose, raising two daughters, spending time with the love of my life, fighting for causes I believe in, having a spiritual practice and making sure my family eats healthily and organically. I wouldn’t be able to do all this without energy derived from a healthy lifestyle. Due to some serious health concerns I discovered in my early twenties, I have been on the quest for optimal living in a way that can not only empower us, but can also heal our planet.

On my blog, I try to touch upon all my passions that include vintage fashion, local artisans, organic recipes and natural beauty products. My collaboration with The Chalkboard Magazine will bring you insights into these areas and more. I hope you all become inspired in some way, and I am so thrilled to start this journey! Blessings to our planet and all of you . . .

Shiva Rose, The Local Rose


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