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Healthy meal delivery services get a lot of buzz right now, especially here in L.A.. If you’ve ever wished your holistic practitioner or nutritionist could double as your private chef and fill your fridge with pre-made snacks and meals, you may want to check out our latest obsession, Provenance.

We’ve tried a lot of meal delivery services from the elite to the uber-accessible. While our team has it’s faves, from Sakara Life to Elissa Goodman’s Soup Cleanse, lately we’ve been revisiting Provenance over and again for nourishing, easy and abundant meals we don’t have to overthink. Use code CHALKBOARD for 10% off your first order*.

Our Review:
ProvenanceWeekly Meal Delivery

Admittedly, prepared meal deliveries are a treat no matter how you slice it, but they can be a godsend in a few particular circumstances.

Have a hectic period coming up on your calendar? If you’re overwhelmed, take cooking completely out of the equation. Deliveries can do that for you — and ensure that you’re taking good care of yourself, not ordering take out. Lost your inspiration for eating well? Let someone else guide your nutrition decisions for a while! A service like Provenance can teach your body how good it feels to eat well.

about provenance:Founder and CEO of Provenance Caroll Lee joined forces with some of wellness’ most powerful nutritionists, doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and psychiatrists to provide a 360-degree, integrative approach to meal delivery. Standing out in such a crowded—and, at times, disappointing—market, Provenance meals are expert-planned, balanced, well-portioned and absolutely delicious.

the meals: Provenance offers Weekly Meal Delivery, plus 2 cleanse programs: The Reset Kit (30 days) and The Reset Trial (6 days). While we haven’t tried the cleanses, our team has tried multiple weeks of the regular meal deliveries and were blown away by the quality and variety. The food is incredible—and there’s a lot of it. We ended days feeling nourished beyond the norm, and never under-fed!

All meals are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free and come with a plentiful amount of high-quality, nutrient-dense food. The eggs in their (mind-blowingly delicious) Butternut Squash Leek Frittata are pasture-raised, the vegan Baby Kale Caesar Salad is organic, and their Pumpkin Chia Parfait comes with a ‘wellness note’ explaining its nutrient profile. We didn’t know we could feel so seen by a meal delivery service. provenence meals fritatta

Expect meals like Coconut Ceviche Salad With Passion Fruit Dressing, Freshwater Steelhead Trout With Lemon Aioli And Pine Nut Relish, and Apple Spice Paleo Muffins. In other words, yes, you’ll be excited about every meal — and perhaps that’s half the benefit, getting excited again about feeling nourished!

The biggest relief in a week or two on Provenance deliveries is the break from all label reading and shopping. And there are no takeout apps or restaurant menus to navigate, while wondering about the quality of their ingredients.

how to try IT: You don’t need a subscription for Provenance, which is another reason to love this service. Pop in and out when you want and  select your own meals tailored to your dietary preferences. Turnkey-yet-custom? Yes, and yes.

Bookmark this for a crazy week when you need a break or an added dose of wellness! Because you don’t have to sign up for a subscription to partake in Provenance, it’s easy to try it out or just get it when you know you have a busy week ahead and need some extra dietary support. If you’ve got your meals covered, but you just need a mindful reset or a cleanse, Provenance has some amazing, informed, and incredibly accessible options so you can see firsthand how powerful their healing approach is.

Use code CHALKBOARD to try Provenance for 10% off your first order! Questions? Let us know in the comments below!

+Terms: Offer valid for new clients on meal delivery and cleanse programs. One per client. Not valid on previously placed orders. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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