The Pressed Juicery x Barry's Bootcamp Collab

for 25 years, Barry’s has championed high-intensity exercise and helped their celeb and cult following sweat and sculpt to one of the hardest workouts in the industry. So when they announced their partnership with Pressed Juicery to fuel the other side of that Red Room treadmill, we were thrilled. Meet your new recovery dream team…

Getting the best results from your workout isn’t something that happens in the gym alone. A post-workout recovery routine is key. Two of California’s most beloved wellness brands combined forces to create the ultimate solution: the Pressed x Barry’s Recovery Shot and Recovery Smoothie. Here’s everything you need to know about the new drinks designed with your post-workout routine in mind.

Pressed Juicery x Barry’s
Recovery Smoothie + Shot: Here’s Why We’re Obsessed

pressed x barry's recovery smoothie

Pressed x Barry’s Recovery Smoothie | A few years ago, the duo behind Barry’s told us just how much they both loved the PB&J smoothie at their own gym bar, so it’s no surprise that their ideal recovery formula would have a similar vibe! The recovery smoothies contains 20g of plant-based protein, plus almond butter, vanilla and a rush of nutrition from tart cherry, strawberry, pineapple, mango and beet root. Each ingredient was selected with muscle recovery in mind.pressed x barry's recovery shot

Pressed x Barry’s Recovery Shot | After a challenging workout, reducing the natural inflammation and free radicals that follow is key. The Pressed x Barry’s Recovery Shot is a powerhouse blend of tart cherry, lemon and beet root with turmeric and black pepper for an anti-inflammatory effect designed to soothe sore muscles head-to-toe.

The shot and smoothie are both delicious and hydrating, but it’s the high-functioning ingredients that will make this the new go-to routine for the Barry’s set:

+ Tart Cherry: Studies have shown that tart cherry juice may prevent the formation of prostaglandins that are linked to pain and inflammation. It’s also been shown to reduce muscle damage and improve performance.

Dr. Lisa Davis of Pressed Juicery’s Medical Board told us that an increasing number of studies are showing that cherry phenols can have a ‘significant’ antioxidant effect and may reduce inflammation and pain. Other studies have shown that even a relatively short stint (one week) of supplementation with cherry juice reduces muscle soreness and recovery time in long-distance runners.

+ Beet Root: Beets are a rich source of nitrate which is converted into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide itself has become a popular supplement with fitness lovers, playing an important role in regulating blood pressure and helping to accelerate lactate excretion from the body after exercise. Studies have also shown the benefits of beet root for reducing resting blood pressure and the oxygen cost of exercise, which enhances stamina and performance.

Where To Shop the Collab

Add these recovery aids to your fitness routine by visiting any Pressed Juicery store (online too!) or select Barry’s Fuel Bar locations. Both the Pressed x Barry’s Recovery Shot and Recovery Smoothie are perfect for drinking fresh off the treadmill. Hot tip: the benefits of the ingredients are compounding with consistency — sign up for the Pressed membership subscription for the best pricing, VIP offers and easy, recurring deliveries.

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