take a moment to reflect on this thoughtful meditation on prosperity by energy healer Benson Simmonds. According to this highly intuitive author and wellness pro, prosperity is about more than just abundance, it’s about learning to grow your unique contribution to the world… 

We all want prosperity. Being prosperous and abundant is actually our divine natural state of being. Okay, I can hear you thinking, “Oh, yeah, tell that to my bank account or my credit-card debt balance, or to my student loan!” The truth is that most of us have forgotten that the key to prosperity is to regain clarity as to what your purpose is on Earth. Of course you want financial security and the money to live a comfortable abundant life. When we ask for prosperity, we usually make it all about us. I want money. I want my business to be hugely successful, etc. But stop and ask yourself why? The first principle to remember is:

Prosperity is about contribution. Contribution is the key to being happy and abundant. So ask yourself: What do I want to contribute to others? What are the qualities the divine gave me and how can I joyously share them with the world? When you want to generate more prosperity, don’t think, “Oh no, I need clients or I won’t be able to pay my bills.” Ask yourself, “How can I contribute my skills, my services to more people who will benefit from them, who need them?” Don’t think about taking over more market share, focus on how to share with more people locally and all over the world.

Ask yourself how you will inspire others. For example, as an energy healer, my goal is to inspire my clients to love themselves and others and awaken the power of their soul. Other examples could be to inspire others to lighten up, to inspire others to love and empower themselves, to inspire others to love and heal themselves and their relationships, to inspire others to celebrate their inner and outer beauty, or to inspire others to love and take care of themselves and their health, nutrition, etc. Once you know what you want to contribute and why (how you can inspire others), then you align yourself with the divine and open the flow to true ongoing abundance. You then recognize who your most important business partner is.

Your most important business partner (and investor) is the divine! Once you acknowledge that, you will begin to attract more prosperity than ever. When you make the divine your business partner and focus on what you can contribute and how you can inspire others, you open the gates to prosperity. You also realize that it’s the divine and your thoughts that bring you clients, business opportunities, etc. When you think this way, you can start to take the pressure off and realize that no one person, group, deal, etc. can help your business and provide you with more money. They don’t have the power to help your business grow. They are agents of the divine sent to help you contribute your unique skills and products to others. If one deal falls through, know that the divine is already sending you a better one. Always walk into any business meeting with a clear knowledge of what you have to contribute and why.

Think big! The divine does, so can you! If you are focused on contribution, then you naturally want to share your ideas, yourself, your services and/or products with more people. When you focus on contributing more, you think big! You align with the divine and make space for new innovative ideas to flow, to contribute with huge new numbers of people and yes… you can have more fun at the same time.

Ask love-based empowering questions to attract more prosperity. At any given time, we are all asking questions. Usually when trying to be more prosperous, we ask fear-based questions such as: Why aren’t I getting more clients? What’s wrong with me? How am I ever going to pay the mounting bills? These are all fear-based questions and your brain will unfortunately give you answers that will keep you in fear and poverty consciousness. Instead try some love based questions like: Why am I attracting more great clients every day? Why am I joyously inspiring more and more people to love and (fill in your specifics here) others? Why am I attracting more abundance than ever before?

Prosperity flows when you choose to joyously contribute to others, doing what you love for the sake of the divine. By using the five keys, you will make more money, have more fun and inspire more people than ever before.

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  1. I love this idea of re-focusing about what our purpose is on Earth!

    Erin | 01.22.2018 | Reply
    • Hey Erin! great comment! Yes, it’s amazing how much getting clarity can influence abundance in all areas of our life!

      Benson Simmonds | 01.22.2018 | Reply
  2. Lovely thoughts! I am just coming to terms with this whole energy/universe/karma thing. But it’s not just a thing. It’s nature’s reward system, I guess, and if you are a “good” person with great intentions not just for yourself, but for other peoples’ lives, too….you will attract positive things, experiences and people <3

    Mica | 01.22.2018 | Reply
    • Exactly! thanks for your insightful comment. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Everything is interrelated. The more you focus on what you can contribute to others, the more good, joy, abundance you receive back. Blessings!

      Benson Simmonds | 01.22.2018 | Reply
  3. I love raw honey and have used it to bake cookies (in a small amount <1/3c.)–it tastes great, but are you saying I should not do so? If, so what sweetener to you recommend when baking?

    Michelle | 01.22.2018 | Reply
  4. Thanks for sharing the information, I am indeed looking for this information. Looks like I found good information on this article. Nice website 🙂

    • Hey Ayu! thanks for sharing and viewing my website. May you be blessed to joyously embrace this information and use it to feel happier, more productive, more loving to yourself and others, and yes..more abundant!

      Benson Simmonds | 01.25.2018 | Reply
  5. Prosperity 101: I do believe we are born perfect & full of potential. But that glib statement, like most of this article, ignores inequalities imposed by the universe which we are meant to overcome successfully or not, in order to become “better” spiritual beings haviing a ‘human’ experience on the one hand, but now Benson challenges that notion by saying its all a matter of attitude? He overlooks the teuth of corruption inherent in human nature & which occurs in every avenue of human endeavour imagineable. What can a baby do for itself if it’s born to a parent who is an addict? What can a pensioner do who has lost savings due to corrupt corporate/private, financial structures? Ill health & obesity is down to poor educational structures & a health system dominated by greedy, corrupt overseers in positions of power aided & abetted by even more powerful lobbyists who work to entrench the financial interests of their paymasters. High costs of quality foods, education & housing are inequalities imposed by hard-line Capitalists – social & political elites who find ways to increase and entrench the divide between rich & poor. The list is endless. I guess Benson would advise me to change my attitude towards a more positive one regarding the movers & shakers in society by ignoring the headlines & the media altogether & believing blindly that we are all compassionate beings working for the common good. I’ll try it for one week.

    Michelle | 01.22.2018 | Reply
    • hey Michelle! Sending you HUGE BLESSINGS for your willingness to try a different approach for a whole week. From my personal experience, from years of meditation and doing work on myself continuously, I have learned that , for me, the nature of the world is yes..good. The DNA of the universe is yes..unconditional love. Are there huge numbers of people who are not loving, yes! But regardless of how awaful things may appear in the world, the bottom line is – how do you choose to react in this moment? I can blame others, I can blame a capitalist regime, but the same question remains, how can I choose to improve my life and the lives of others in this moment? It starts by looking at what you are actually grateful and you build up from there. It all boils down to the questions we choose to ask ourselves. I’m not saying that there aren’t dark nefarious forces existing in the world, but the bottom line is, how do you choose to react to that in this moment, And what will bring you and others more joy in this minute. ask what are 20 things I love about myself? Ask, what are 20 things I AM grateful for in my life at this moment. Ask, who are 10 people who could use a blessing right now and can I choose to joyously give them a blessing RIGHT NOW! That in my years of experience has sustained me, empowered me and yes.. saved me in my darkest hours. Blessings that you choose to see the good in yourself and others. Blessings that you become hugely abundant so you can help others you have such beautiful compassion for! Blessings that you believe in yourself and your divine qualities 1000% Blessings that you joyously take in these blessings and then choose to share them with others. Blessings that you acknowledge what a kind, compassionate, generous, funny, hard-working, amazing soul you are! AMEN!

      Benson Simmonds | 01.25.2018 | Reply

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