We recently took a glimpse inside holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque’s healthy travel habits while she escaped for a weekend in Palm Springs (see the Instagram stories).

From the blender in the mini bar on down to the on-the-go almond butter packs, we knew these were tips you guys would want to hold on. Kelly is detailing her best advice below – scroll your way through and enter for a chance to win a luxe weekend away at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs for yourself while you’re at it…

What is it about travel that can easily derail a healthy diet? If you find that eating clean on the road is difficult, you are not alone. This major hurdle is the chief complaint for many of my clients as well. Honestly, how can we be expected to stick to a routine in a new location without our kitchen, gym or supplies? And the answer is: proper planning! Choose a location that supports your lifestyle, build healthy habits and learn to pack your supplies instead of being reactive to the physically demanding stressors of travel.

Location, Location, Location.
It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, picking the right hotel location that has the capabilities to support your clean eating and active lifestyle can be the best investment. It only takes a few minutes of Googling to determine if you are in the right place!

Find Ways to Stay Active.
Staying active while traveling is so much easier with plentiful hotel options. I always coach my clients to book a hotel with a proper gym (preferably one that offers workout classes) or is in walking distance to hiking trails or scenic runs. If you can’t find a hotel with amenities that include an “activity calendar,” find a hotel that is in walking distance to a reliable workout studio, and jot down the class times or gym hour that works best with your schedule. This easy task increases your chances of getting there! Recently, my husband and I opted to celebrate New Year’s at La Quinta Resort & Club because the gym on property offered six different complimentary workout classes daily, giving us the ability to get moving every day.

Is Your Diet on the Menu? 
Do you enjoy an almond milk latte, green smoothie or a big veggie salad? If so, you should try to choose a hotel that has the capabilities to support your lifestyle because chances are you will eat on property at least one or two times during your stay. If you opt for a “no frills” location, it’s best to map out the closest Whole Foods or health food store. For example, in New York I always opt to stay at the Marlton Hotel in the West Village because of the hotel menu and location (walking distance to Hu Kitchen and the Union Square Whole Foods).

Home Away From Home.
Put in the effort to build a few healthy habits and then opt to stay in the same location every time. Staying in the same location can help you build “home-away-from-home” habits that are easy to execute because you have been successful in the past. For example, after putting in a little effort to be active while in Palm Springs, I now associate that resort with working out, eating healthy and spa days. Unfortunately, the same association can also strengthen your chances of eating poorly. For example, if you ordered a beer and garlic fries from the late-night menu during your last stay in New York, opt to stay in a different hotel, because it’s always easier to create new habits than to break bad ones!

When in Doubt, Pack it Out.
Travel’s ability to be physically and emotionally demanding can increase hunger hormones and cravings, so don’t be caught empty-handed. It’s better to be prepared with protein-, fat- and fiber-based snacks than to end up eating poorly in an airport or out of a mini bar. Here is the hit list of travel supplies my clients bring on the road:

Magic Bullet Mini: Packing a small blender like the magic bullet mini allows my clients to make their #fab4smoothie on the road. On my trip to La Quinta Resort & Club, I was able to have Pressed Juicery almond milk stocked in my fridge and ordered fresh spinach and lemons to my room daily to make my spa smoothie.

Protein Packs: Single packets of pea or collagen protein supports my clients to shut down hunger hormones in an airport (with the airport shake) or ensure they get their #fab4smoothie in their hotel room.

Fat Packs: Wildfriends and Artisana both make individual packets of nut butters, which can be added to your smoothie or eaten as a snack between meals. Are you a fat coffee lover? Bulletproof exec offers a travel size MCT oil and Laird Hamilton offers an unsweetened superfood fat powder creamer — just don’t forget your frother (it’s great for adding collagen to your coffee too!).

Whole-food Snacks: When available pack whole-food snacks like chopped cucumber, hard-boiled eggs and mixed nut packs, which are all packed with fiber or protein to keep you full on the go!

Hydration: Pack a reusable water bottle and Oxylent vitamin packets. These up your immunity and make drinking water more fun (win, win)! Pro tip: Look for filtered water fountains at your airport, or ask Starbucks to fill your bottle up — they have free filtered water!

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