Probiotics: Working From the Inside Out

When most women evaluate their health, they look at a few numbers, weight, waist measurement, blood pressure, cholesterol and maybe BMI.  However, there is another important number most don’t consider, yet it is vitally important: the number of healthy bacteria in their digestive system. This key number plays a vital role in a woman’s health, from a healthy immune system to glowing, radiant skin to increased energy levels.

Probiotics have nearly reached “celebrity status” these days, with almost every other commercial on television featuring a product claiming to have them.  There are billions of these beneficial microflora, also known as active cultures, living in the intestines that are important for digestion, the absorption of vital nutrients and a host of other activities.  Having a sufficient level of these good bacteria is one of the most important signs of optimal health.  All the nutrients the body uses to rebuild and repair are absorbed in the intestines. Thus, intestinal health is the foundation for nourishing all bodily systems.

Research shows these beneficial bacteria have a very positive role in balancing overall health. Not only do they assist with digestion and keeping other harmful bacteria at bay, but have been found to help the body absorb the B-vitamins that are essential for energy, healthy nerves, skin and hair.

How you take care of your internal health plays a vital role in how you look on the outside, as well. Just as the body needs the nutrients absorbed by the GI tract, so does your skin. Skin is the largest organ of your body and it takes the biggest toll.  From environmental toxins, sun damage, aging and stress, the skin is constantly under attack. Just as external environmental forces play a role, free radicals and too much bad bacteria attack the skin internally. This onslaught of free radical damage, both inside and out, cause an increase in wrinkles, eczema, blemishes and premature aging.

That is why it is important to help protect the skin and replenish nutrients that have been unnaturally stripped. One of the best ways to improve your body’s internal balance is through supplemental use. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that help support the better utilization and bioavailability of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Probiotics also increase healthy flora in the intestines. Although there are billions of these active cultures in the colon, many things can deplete their numbers, including a poor diet, stress, disease and some medications like antibiotics.

By taking probiotics and maintaining a natural balance of bacteria in your digestive system, you will not only improve your outer appearance, but may also prevent digestive problems and other health concerns. So if you are looking for a clear complexion and natural glow, start from the inside!  I recommend a product encased in the “Pearl” technologies such as Enzymatic Therapies or one with at least a 20,000 CFU (colony forming units) count.

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