Pressed Life: Conscious Cocktails For Summer

‘Tis the season for hot summer nights, cool ocean breezes, and soirees lasting into the wee hours of the evening.  Unfortunately, this laissez-faire lifestyle sometimes involves less-than-stellar health choices. Although steering clear of cocktails altogether may be your best bet for a healthy summer, certain occasions call for that perfect adult beverage.  When looking to spice up your imbibment of preference, don’t limit your options to chemical-laden diet sodas and cranberry concentrates!  We at Pressed Juicery and The Chalkboard have a few ideas of our own for the health-minded summer soiree crowd.  Here are Pressed Juicery staff member’s top 5 picks for putting Pressed Juicery goodness to work behind the bar!

Alkalizing applejack: Alkalizer + Whiskey

Sweet apple and sharp ginger complement the smokiness of  whiskey to perfection – and the cayenne adds an unexpected zing

Melon Ball Bellini: Peach Melon + Champagne

This Pressed Juice-ified twist on the summer Bellini will make you feel all kinds of fancy, indeed.

Raw Amaretto: Almond Milk + Kahlua

When combined with Kahlua, our insanely smooth almond milk with vanilla bean creates a dessert-like treat perfect for after hours!

21st Century CAPE COD: Watermelon Mint + Vodka

The most refreshing pink cocktail you will ever drink.  Make this your new go-to! Garnish with a mint leaf for extra style points.

Apple Berry Margarita: Strawberry Apple Lime + Tequila

Fake a vacation and grab this new summer must-have – splash SAL into your blender for a fun remix of these slushy staples!

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