Model Abigail ONeill’s Healthy Obsession

Hi Chalkboardians, it’s been a while (see Abigail’s DIY Cacao Jasmine Mask piece here!) What fun have I missed?

I’m taking advantage of a briefly quiet moment to fill you in about what I’ve been hard at work on lately: my up-and-coming book, Model Chocolate! I’ve turned my healthy obsession into a recipe book filled with over 50 delicious chocolate recipes based on raw cacao! Mostly raw, the recipes are gluten free, dairy-free and sugar-free.  This makes room for all the superfoods and love that you can put into them instead!

Most of the creations take only minutes to prepare. I include everything from chia seed breakfast pudding and truffles to exotic chocolate blocks in all flavours and even a cacao beauty bath! I can’t wait to share this book with all of you.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of cacao madness, including fashion and beauty shoots for the book. My goal is to make the book visually astonishing – something you could happily place upon a coffee table or even leave lying about in a guestroom. The beauty world has met its match in the glories of raw cacao! I’m still working hard to bring together the final pieces of the book and I’m thrilled to announce that Model Chocolate will be released digitally before Christmas, followed by the beautiful hard copy in the new year!

I couldn’t wait to fill everyone at the Chalkboard in on my journey and, most excitingly, to reveal that there are a few beautiful cacao recipes that simply cannot fit into the book that I’ll be sharing with you here via The Chalkboard.

Stay tuned to my Model Chocolate Facebook page and Twitter @model_chocolate.

Love & chocolate,


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