full moon in libra april 2023

Mariah de La Mer is an author, spiritual ecologist, and multi-modality healing artist. She is the Founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

All About The Full Moon In Libra April 5, 2023

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… The first Full Moon of spring is in the air sign Libra at 9:34pm PST April 5th/12:34am EST April 6th. This is the Pink Moon in the farmers almanac, named from the pink moss flowers that first bloom in the eastern US.

Spring is here, new life is blossoming, and this Full Moon helps us to move forward with right action in what we truly love in life as the Sun is opposite the Moon in fire sign Aries. This Full Moon is right after Spring Equinox and in between the two New Moons in Aries, helping to bring some balance to the fire of Aries. Jupiter and Chiron are connected to this Full Moon, bringing beautiful expansion that can arise from healing past wounds and cutting cords from the past. Libra is the sign of the scales is highlighting where we might be out of balance in relationship, to ourselves, our personal relationships and in our lives. This is an opportunity to use both the energy of fire to finally to move into a new phase of life, coupled with the grace, beauty and compassion for our journey that Libra offers.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Balance, Relationships, Alchemy

If relationships in your life, be that romantic, friendships, family etc., have been rocky over the past month, this lunation offers an opportunity to lovingly, and with clear boundaries, communicate our needs and desires in our relationships to come back into harmony. Venus rules Libra, so there is a feeling of love in the air, quite literally. The principles of alchemy are transforming one thing into another, so allow this Full Moon to serve an an opening to transform past wounding in relationships and in your heart into deeper compassion for yourself, your loved ones, your work and the world at large. How might you fall deeper in love with your life? With your loved ones? What would that look like?

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Creative, Sensual, Social

The Aries energy brings a creative fire that is coupled with the Venusian energy of Libra, so there is a natural fertility and sensuality present with a desire to create, especially with others. This may look like romantic partnering, creative or new work partnerships or gathering in community. This is time for coming together and creating harmony in all areas of life. So say ‘yes’ to that social engagement or blind date, you never know what creations and opportunities are wanting to knock at your door, especially with the expansive support of planet Jupiter right now.

EXCELLENT TIME TO… Cut cords from old relationships and woundings of the heart.

Tune into how you want your personal and professional relationships to feel and where you might be out of balance and have any conversations that need to be had from an open and loving heart. This Full Moon gives a softness to the past few weeks and allows for forward movement in all ways. Great time to vision board for new projects you are working on or relationships you are wanting to call in to manifest.

My book Crystal Healing for Women has a “Self-Love” ritual that helps connect you to your creative power to manifest your creations in the world.

What cords need to be cut from past relationships?
What kind of relationships do I desire?
What do I truly love in life?
How much time to I actually spend doing that?
What is my relationship to my work?
How am I showing up in my relationships? To work partnerships? Romantic partnerships? Friendships?
What would it look like if I was madly in love with my life? How can I feel that today?

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