Glow From Within: Pressed Juicery Launches New Vogue Lemonades

We’re celebrating the 125th anniversary of the most iconic fashion magazine on earth this season by welcoming the launch of Pressed Juicery’s new Vogue Lemonades.

Wellness and fashion have turned fast friends over the years, and the bond has only tightened as healthy living has become more and more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s the elevated styles of new sustainable brands, the growing trend toward green travel experiences, or the chic branding of so many new natural beauty products, the lines between wellness and style have become impossibly blurred — and we’re all about it.

From the start here at TCM, we’ve aimed to make wellness beautiful, appealing, and requiring no sacrifice whatsoever for the aesthetically-inclined, as so many fashion girls are.

Pressed Juicery’s new glow-inducing blue and pink lemonades in collaboration with Vogue are everything we could’ve dreamed of, and we’re predicting they’ll be the hottest accessory of Spring 2017. Both vibrantly colored lemonades are packed with vitamin c and other skin-loving ingredients designed to deeply hydrate and give good glow. Learn all about the pair below and find the juices starting today online and inside all Pressed Juicery locations New York to L.A….

A Guide To Living Well: TCMxVogue | In honor of Vogue’s 125th anniversary and to celebrate the collaboration, we’ll be sharing interviews with 25 men and women who are “living well” in every sense of the word. We can’t wait to start sharing the series with you — grab a juice and get ready for all of the delicious tips!

Blue Lemonade: lemon, blue spirulina, lemongrass, honey | Natural, simple, but neon blue. We’re in love with this blue dream of a lemonade saturated in one of the ocean’s most powerful superfoods – green-blue spirulina. Add cleansing lemongrass and skin-nourishing lemon and you’ve got a beauty lover’s bev through and through. TRY IT

Pink Lemonade: lemon, pitaya, rose water, goji berry, camu camu, honey | The touch of rose water in this beautifying lemonade makes it our favorite Pressed Juicery flavor of all time. A slew of tropical superfruits work to fight oxidation and inflammation for the ultimate glow. TRY IT

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