This ‘Rescued Veggie’ Burger From Mendocino Farms Is A Juice-Lover’s Dream

Everyone who juices at home wonders what to do with all that juice pulp (here are some ideas); can you imagine how it feels to be a juice company? Pressed Juicery sends most of it’s juice pulp to serve as compost in the farmland surrounding their juicing HQ. And we applaud their sustainable solution — but it’s not quite as delicious as the situation below.

Inspired by Blue Hill’s WastED program, California-based resto, Mendocino Farms, had the idea to remix juice pulp into a veggie burger and called Pressed Juicery to make it happen. Just like that, their Rescued Vegetable Burger was born, made with a base of vegetable pulp from beets, carrots, spinach, kale, romaine and turmeric.

The pulp is blended with onions, shiitake mushrooms and brown rice, then finished by the Mendocino culinary team with gluten-free tamari and nutritional yeast for a savory, umami flavor. The burger is served with a housemade vegan Beet Thousand Island sauce, a slice of melted tomato-cayenne tofu cheese, Scarborough Farms butter lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and house pickles on a plant-based brioche bun.

“wastED” is a pop-up concept designed to reduce food waste in a fun way. Created by Blue Hill legend, Dan Barber and Culinary Director Adam Kaye, wastED brings food pros together to create inventive recipes like these dumplings from Mimi Cheng’s that use the kitchen’s own food scraps. Try this delicious collab at any Mendocino Farms location, starting today.

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  1. This veggie burger is soooo good.

    Jeremy | 09.26.2017 | Reply
  2. recipe please!

    cristina | 10.03.2017 | Reply

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