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What happens when your bliss becomes your business? For the founders of one of LA’s most-loved yoga studios, Love Yoga, the outcome was pure, un-pretentious magic… times two.

Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon of Love Yoga nailed the formula for a studio we’re excited to visit again and again with their original LA location in Venice. The duo’s second spot is now open in Silverlake, and successfully captures the same modern, beachy vibes, peaceful setting and powerful practices as the ones we fell for the first time around.

We love seeing women in wellness chasing their passion and bringing it to life — but turning that thing you love into a business is a whole other kind of superpower. We asked the Love Yoga team to tell us about what it’s like to run a business with a bestie, how they cope with stress, and why they each think their class is the one you should try first…

What did you think it would be like to open your own business:

Kyle: I thought it would be hard, fulfilling and amazing.

Sian: Very groovy.

What is it actually like to run your own business?

Kyle: Much harder and much more fulfilling that I thought! I didn’t realize how many hats I would be wearing and how many roles I would have to take on. Scheduling is also one of the most important things I do, personally and in my business, to make sure there is space for everything.

Sian: It’s really quite difficult but it has challenged every part of me that needed to be challenged.

Best part of the day:

Kyle: I soothe my soul at the beach; it completely recalibrates me and helps me to feel grateful. I don’t get to go everyday, but when I do go, it’s the best part of my day.

Sian: I get in the ocean whenever I can. Even if it’s for five minutes.

Worst part of the day:

Kyle: Driving! This is when I have to call on all my resources and tools to survive.

Sian: The moments before coffee hits my lips.

What do you call Love Yoga's aesthetic:

Kyle: Beachy, clean, modern.

Sian: Neoteric.

The brand in 3 words:

Kyle: Inclusive communal and joyous.

Sian: Far cry from.

What's the best class for newbies:

Kyle: My class! Really all of our teachers are so good at making the students feel comfortable and welcome. We know that coming to yoga can feel intimidating and we all work hard to make everyone feel comfortable.

Sian: My class! My instruction is very detailed.

The best class for yoga lovers looking for something new:

Kyle: Yoga Nidra! Yoga Nidra is a guided sleep meditation. You just lay down the entire time and basically take a meditative nap that changes you from beta to alpha brain waves. It’s so dealign and different.

Sian: Sally’s class. She teaches a pure katonah yoga class and it is radical and very fun.

Best tip for friends going into biz together:

Kyle: Value each other. You have to have faith and trust in your partner and you can’t really knit pick or question how much they are doing.

Sian: Pick someone who smells good.

Fave yoga uniform this fall:

Kyle: Everything Outdoor Voices and Live the Process, all the time.

Sian: Japanese linen pants.

Current mantra:

Kyle: I am at ease. This has been my mantra for about ten years.

Sian: Focus, focus, focus.

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