Do Celebrities Influence How We Shop? Let’s Talk About It

Do celebrities influence our shopping habits? On one hand, it’s a silly question. Of course we’re influenced by the public figures in our social feeds and on our magazine covers. They say we become like those we spend the most time with and, in the same sense, are we not being influenced by those most often appearing on our screens, big and handheld? We’re inspired by people we admire to shop the things they vouch for. But, on the other hand, we also somehow believe we’re immune to all these celebrity endorsements. Are we just kidding ourselves? (When it comes to the category-defying bastions of style, the Olsens, quite possibly, yes.)

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz about Kim Kardashian stocking up on Pressed Juicery’s charcoal lemonade, a product we literally keep stocked in our office fridge everyday (see why here). We already love this detoxifying juice, there’s no doubt, but somehow knowing that this body-conscious babe relies on it as well made us feel like our favorite juice got an upgrade.

We’re influenced by celebrities all the time, we must admit. Even if that influence is subtle…we’re just not sure how we feel about it. Certainly, celebs are not our top influence – we’d like to think our families, friends, favorite teachers, authors, artists and thinkers influence us much more. But the influence of celebrity these days cannot be denied.

Often, we experience the effect of celeb behavior, style or buying habits as a super subtle, overarching trend that settles in to our opinions on fashion, beauty, health and culture. There’s not necessarily a hierarchy for these influences, the most tasteful celeb does not usually take the cake – often, it’s the other way around: we’re influenced by whomever most frequently appears in the day’s headlines.

We think we’re pretty savvy consumers. Wouldn’t you say so of yourselves? How do you feel about the undeniable celebrity influence – however big or small – on your own consumer behaviors and cultural perceptions of things? We want to hear from you on this topic and thought our charcoal juice experience was the perfect opportunity. Weigh in below!

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