Don’t Over Dewy It: How To Highlight The Right Way

You glow, girl.This step-by-step process (mask, moisture, Cosmic Dancer!) from celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno will teach you how to highlight right. We all know there is a wrong way. So wrong.

Katey is a pro who never fails us (yes, you ARE seeing a lot of her lately!) when it comes to nailing the looks we love, from flawless natural brows to a sheer smokey eye. This pro guide to highlighting addresses skin health and makeup – crucial. Skin goals all the way with gorgeous up-and-comer, Annaliese Ugalde…

As the seasons change, it’s imperative to keep skin hydrated in order to maintain a healthy glow. Finding the right recipe of toner, serum and moisturizer is a must. But what about adding a little extra glow in just the right places with a highlighter? You may have read that ‘strobing’ (adding a luminescent highlight strategically to your face, by using either a cream or a powder) is all the rage. Well, this way of tricking the eye by adding ‘light’ has been a very popular technique that creates dimension and an overall more youthful light-bounce to the face forever. It’s just that the products to make this kind of magic happen have gotten better and much easier to use. Reflective particles have gotten smaller, creating a much more natural – and much less glittery – appearance, and textures are more buttery, allowing them to blend and melt into the skin – again, in powder, cream and even liquid.

In order to replicate Annaliese’s look of total radiance on yourself, using nothing but the best in products that are nothing but good for your skin, these are the essential products and process I recommend…

Face Mask: Weekly masking to draw out impurities is a great idea for those who are annoyed by those little under-the-skin bumps. One of my favorites is the chocolate mask from Jenette All Natural Skincare.

Face Oil: Whether you’re new to using oils and serums or an experienced pro, if you haven’t tried The Revitalizer from Biossance, you’re missing out. It’s honestly great for all skin types from the most sensitive and/or acne prone, to dull and dehydrated. Three drops pressed into a damp face is the best way to prep.

Moisturizer: If you’re still feeling dry in certain parts, but not others, try adding another layer of moisture just where you need it. Try the cool new Flash Hydro Boost from Ren that you massage in, just where you need it (or all over, of course). Wet your finger tips and then massage that in until fully absorbed. It really does lock in moisture. Let your hydration layers absorb for two minutes (I like to use this time to brush my teeth).

Foundation:Apply a foundation ever so lightly to the center of your face, blending outwards with either clean fingers, a brush, or my favorite – a dampened beauty blender, squeezed free of water in a towel just prior to using. I’m loving blending Kjaer Weis’s foundation under eyes, around the sides of the nose, and anywhere else skin tone may be uneven. I’m also a big fan of the foundation sticks from Vapour Organic Beauty.

Highlighter: Now it’s time to play with your highlighter. On Annaliese I used Ilia Beauty highlighter stick in ‘Cosmic Dancer,’ warming it up between my fingers, then pressing it along her cheekbones, in the inner corner of her eyes and along the bridge of her nose. You can also apply it on the cupid’s bow for a little added attention to your top lip.

3 Green Beauty Highlighters We Love

Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Stick Highlighter | This product has a more pink undertone than the above, and is great when you want to add a bit of sheer pink to your skin. This product isn’t right for very tan or deep complexions, except on eyelids. CHECK OUT HERE

RMS Buruti Bronze | A great deep, rich brown creamy highlighter that looks incredible on very tan and deep skin tones. CHECK OUT HERE

Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder | I love this powder in “peach” but all three of the shades are great. Swipe this feathery light powder along cheekbones and press it into eyelids for a truly lit-from-within look. CHECK OUT HERE

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