Each month, the team at Pressed Juicery finds ways to give back to our community. Whether it’s through Give Back Fridays, our surplus produce donations or involvement in various charity events, giving is at the core of what we care about at Pressed.

This month, we joined efforts with Food Forward, an organization that finds ways to connect local food industries and their surpluses with those in need. One way that Food Forward accomplishes it’s mission is by gathering volunteers to pick and distribute produce that would otherwise go to waste.

When we got the call from Volunteer Coordinator Max Kanter, we were intrigued by this practical concept and rallied the troops to join Food Forward for a little fall orchard picking.

Last Saturday, we made our way to Pasadena’s famous Huntington Gardens, a private property full of some of the most fascinating gardens in the city and a treasured respite for locals. Among the many other types of gardens, Huntington grows a small orchard of fruit trees that, without the attention of Food Forward might otherwise go to waste, or perhaps be turned into compost.

Food Forward arranged a volunteer harvest, supplying workers with tools and a few tips for those of use who were first-timers.  By the end of the morning, we had harvested truckloads of fruit that would now supply much needed stock to local food pantries across southern California. What a way to spend an October morning!

We love this simple, grassroots solution to the problem of hunger in our community. Here’s how you can get involved to help Food Forward and support your community:

  • Skip the pumpkin patch. It’s fall and what could be more fun than getting out to a farm for the autumn harvest? Take your family out for a fall celebration with real meaning!
  • Encourage your local food businesses. Get involved by making your favorites local spots aware of Food Forward’s service. Many businesses may enjoy donating but not know where to start!
  • Learn more. Go to FoodForward.org to find out more about their programs and how you can get involved!


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