Have Salad, Will Travel: 8 Essential Tools For Healthy Work Lunches

The key to having a great salad on-the-go is less about which ingredients you’re packing and more about how. Whether you’re packing a portable lunch to eat on campus, at the office or  a nonstop day of errands, we’ve gathered up eco-chic tools that will keep your salad game strong — not soggy. These travel utensil sets are the new norm for a low-waste 2019. Get some inspo for greens to stab or noodles to swirl with them here.

portable lunch ceramic porter bowlw&P Ceramic Bowl | The key to packing more lunches has everything to do with a container so good you’re happy to pack it along. We got our hands on these chic af ceramic Porter bowls from W&P and we look for any excuse to pack it up. Whether you have a leafy salad or a hearty grain-based one, this container does the trick. CHECK OUT

portable lunch utensilsBergHoff Travel Flatware | This eco-friendly alternative to disposable cutlery comes in a cute and compact silicone pouch. Toss it into your bag or keep it in the glove compartment of your car and cut way back on plastic sporks. CHECK OUT

portable lunch oil misterMisto Frosted Glass Bottle Oil Sprayer | Salad dressing can be the most difficult part of packing up a salad. Do you pour it on first? Pack a whole other container? Stash this elegant little mister at the office or in a dorm room and spritz your dressing right on — no tossing required. CHECK OUT

portable lunch glass tupperwaresegmented Glass Food Storage | This segmented container is simple, minimal and perfect for organizing fresh ingredients. Consider packing a bag of lettuce, spinach or arugula then filling these sections with beans, grains, hummus, veggies or dressings. You could also pack up quite the crudite or cheese plate in this baby. CHECK OUT 

portable lunch mason jarKilner Make & Take Set | Every meal prepper knows that the ultimate salad hack is building a salad in a jar. Place the heaviest, wettest ingredients at the bottom and load up the greens on top. When you’re ready to eat this elegantly contained portable lunch, drizzle in some olive oil and lemon juice or a vinaigrette of your choice, shake it up and enjoy – anywhere.  CHECK OUT

7 Piece Portable Stainless Steel Flatware | This rose gold, stainless steel cutlery set includes one of everything you would need for lunch at your desk or a restaurant — it’s the ultimate accessory to stash in your office desk – rose gold straw cleaner included. It all rolls up into a cute little pouch that easily slides into a purse or desk drawer. CHECK OUT

portable lunch bento boxBento Lunch Box & Cutlery Set | We love these little compartmentalized bento boxes for toting around fresh ingredients. Made with bamboo fiber, these eco-friendly containers keeps bits and pieces in order and makes your meal fully portable. CHECK OUT

Insulated basket Cooler | Meet the modern way to picnic — or make any summer work lunch feel like a special occasion. This insulated cooler has a vintage-style basket facade but is built to keep things fresh for whenever you get to your destination. CHECK OUT

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