Can a crystal get your sugar addiction under control? Probably not, but working with these pretty stones in a mindful way can empower your intentions and keep you focused to tackle your biggest health goals. The ladies of Energy Muse are calling out these five powerful crystals for health, intention and motivation. Set one on your desk or stuff one in your bra for more support on the wellness front… 

Connecting with a crystal serves as a reminder of your intention to prioritize your health, and also draws out certain energy to help you accomplish your health goals. If your goal is to be more active, working with crystals can clear away any stagnant energy that’s slowing you down. If you aren’t sure exactly what your health goals are, that’s okay! Crystals can help you get clear on what you want your unique health journey to look like so you can start on the path to feeling your best.

These five simple crystal practices will help you devote time every day to reaching your health goals. Take just a few minutes out of your day to connect with the crystal (or crystals) of your choice and use that crystal energy to commit to better health.

Set Health Intentions with Clear Quartz | Before you can really start on your journey, it’s important to define what better health looks like for you. Whether it’s physical changes in your body or shifts in your mental health, clear quartz gives you clarity on what intentions and goals you want to set for yourself.

How To Use: Hold a clear quartz crystal in your non-dominant hand as you write down your health intentions on a piece of paper. After you have written down any intentions, place your clear quartz crystal on top of the paper and put the paper and crystal together somewhere you will see them every day as a reminder to stick to your goals.

Get Inspired with Blue Apatite | If you’re feeling uninspired in the health department – maybe you’re bored of your workouts or your meals—then spice up your routine with blue apatite. As a stone of inspiration, this crystal will reignite your interest and excitement in your health journey to keep you on your toes. Getting out of your routine is also good for your body, since eating a variety of foods and changing up your workouts benefits your body in different ways!

How To Use: Create a vision board for your health journey, including pictures of workouts or recipes – anything that gets you inspired! Every day, hold your blue apatite crystal while you look at your vision board and pick one thing you can do different today to stay inspired.

Boost Your Energy Levels with Bloodstone | Feeling low energy, exhausted, sluggish, or just plain lazy? Grab hold of your bloodstone crystal! Named after its ability to get the blood pumping in your body, bloodstone reinvigorates your spirit and boosts your energy levels.

How To Use: Hold bloodstone over your heart and start moving. Dance, jump, run, walk – just do something active to get the energy flowing in your body. Incorporate this practice into your morning routine, or use it any time you’re feeling lethargic throughout the day.

Take Action with Red Jasper | We all have those appointments or goals that we’ve been pushing off. If you tend to delay or defer your health, red jasper will help you shift your behavior so you can stop procrastinating.

How To Use: Hold your red jasper crystal in your non-dominant hand, and write down one thing you can do today to benefit your health that you have been putting off.

Prioritize Your Health with Turquoise | Though you may start out with the best of intentions, life can often get in the way of your health-related plans. A busy day at work might cause you to skip a workout, or grab a quick meal instead of cooking at home. In those instances, call upon turquoise crystals to make your well-being a priority.

How To Use: Hold your turquoise crystal and remind yourself that your health is a priority. Ask yourself, “What are my non-negotiables for the day?” Then, even if your day gets busy, remember to make your well-being a priority and stick to your commitments.

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