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So, this is good news: Your favorite stories from The Chalkboard Mag in 2017 were also ours.

We’re revisiting the top stories we were talking, thinking and writing about this year – and what we think it means about wellness trends and the TCM state of mind heading in to 2018. From Chinese medicine to stress management, the lectin-free phenomenon to aging well like lady boss, Mimi Kirk — each of these top stories of the year has its own special place in our ever-evolving wellness routines…

Aging well (like, really) 80 Year-Old Bombshell Mimi Kirk | Aging well used to mean looking good in your 40’s. Now the chatter is about feeling, looking and living vibrantly well into the three digits! We’ll be talking about this a lot in 2017. For now, freak out over wellness phenomenon Mimi above.

functional medicine: HOW A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE DOCTOR STOCKS HIS FRIDGE |We want to know what functional pro, Dr. Hyman is eating everyday too. Here’s what one of the top functional docs in the country is stocking up on. This feature is like pre-grocery shopping gold.

How To Heal A Stressed-Out Nervous System | You clicked it ’cause you needed it. And so did we. We’ve all learned to grow, adapt and overcome this year. This piece helped us learn to do it right. Support your body’s nervous system to deal better with low level daily stress and to keep yourself strong for life’s inevitable drama.

inside/outside: Our Guide To Face MappingAfter all, looking good is a huge part of feeling good. Face mapping teaches us about the roots of our skin issues, breakouts especially, and helps us address them from within. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the skin is the window to your internal health, 100%. Learning to glow from the inside out is a trend this year and — we’re guessing — won’t ever go out of style.

plant paradox
Lectin-Free Became The next Big ThingIt pissed you off. It changed your perspective on your plate. Our features on renowned heart surgeon Dr. Gundry’s  controversial but fascinating diet were our most talked about of the year. We stand by our features and are still stumped on the lectin front. How about you?
clean living: Marie Kondo’s Daily Organization Tips | Proof that wellness extends well beyond the bod nowadays. Keeping an uncluttered life leads to the maintenance of an uncluttered mind. We’ve been talking mind-body more this year than any other year before. Organizational phenomenon, Marie Kondo knows a thing or two about it.
Save Your Tatas: holistic Breast Cancer Prevention | Because green juice and smoothie recipes are great, but we’re looking for hardcore facts on healing too. We loved this piece and the useful advice to utilize now to prevent disease the best ways we know how. We’re all about natural healing and are constantly looking for the best data to bring you. We couldn’t be happier that you’re ready to read…

Traditional Chinese Medical wisdom: the Chinese Body Clock | Chinese medicine was a big theme for us this year! We loved sharing this fascinating body clock that connects organ health with various times of the night and day. So glad our readers “got it!” Watch for more along these lines in the coming years. Check out this organs x emotions chart too.

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