pH Miracle: The Alkaline Revolution with Shelley Young

Shelley Young and her husband Dr. Robert Young are the vital forces behind the library of pH Miracle books, alkalizing supplements and therapies. Their powerful philosophy on keeping an alkaline diet and lifestyle – what Dr. Young calls the New Biology – has been a breakthrough concept in health and nutrition since the early 2000s.  The Young’s have stirred interest in everyone from NASA’s astronaut training program to our own Guest Editor Kris Carr and her own journey healing from cancer. The Young’s have guided thousands in their pursuit of health and healing with an alkaline diet. We were over-joyed to speak with Shelley personally about everything from the pH Miracle journey to her own personal tips and lifestyle advice.

Shelley is offering one reader a copy of their new revised and updated classic, The pH Miracle. See details at the end of this interview.

The Chalkboard Magazine: How did the pH Miracle begin? Was there a wake up call?
Shelley Young: “Yes, there was a BIG wake-up call. It all started long ago (1974) when Dr. Young and I realized that the vegetarian diet we had adopted way back in our college days (to improve his athleticism while he played tennis for the University of Utah) just wasn’t giving us the higher quality of health and performance we had hoped for. We were eating lots of grains, yogurts, cheeses, pasta and high sugar fruits. This presented new health challenges in the way of weight gain, colds, flu and allergies.

Long after that, Rob became very interested in studying the blood to find out what conditions needed to be present in the blood for optimum health. It was after this season of discovery that he fine-tuned his theories and approach to healing through ‘alkalizing’ the blood and tissues. Paying attention to the pH of the blood, and observing it in live and dry blood cell analysis, gave him the missing link to how healing could really happen for people who were sick and tired.

In 1994, he captured ‘pleo-morphism’ (meaning many forms) on video in the blood of a diabetic, where he found blood cells morphing into bacterias, yeasts and molds – or what we call ‘target’ or sick cells. This led him to align with Antone Bechamp’s conclusions (vs. Pasteur’s germ theory) that it was the terrain of the blood (the fluid around the cells) that had to be free of endotoxins and mycotoxins and remain alkaline for healthy blood cells to exist. The terrain was everything; the germ was nothing or very secondary. After this, in 2002, Time Warner contacted us about publishing our work because of the great results we had experienced in reversing so many symptomologies with our alkalizing program. It was at this point in time, the name and the company pH Miracle was born!”

TCM: pH Miracle uses live blood analysis to determine one’s health. Could you explain how this works?
SY: “Yes, live blood cell analysis is a great tool for demonstrating the nutritional efficiency (or lack of) in the body… simply, whether one is in a state of balance or imbalance in their physiology. We refer to this as your ‘inner terrain’. We take a drop of blood from the finger and observe it under the microscope both live and wet (right out of the gate) and also dried/clotted on the slide. The wet blood shows us the current state of the cells, whether or not there is high amounts of yeasts and bacterial loads, and the integrity of the red blood cell itself. We can pick up on problems in the terrain that are congestive such as fibrin monomers (net-like structures which resemble cobwebs) as well as signs of too much sugar in the blood in the way of white spots of fermentation on or in the cells. We can see the immune system (the white blood cells) and monitor their ability to stream and pick up garbage (bacterial and yeast loads) in the bloodstream. Its fascinating to see one’s own blood, as there is a universe within which can give us good information relative to our nutritional needs and general constitution.

The dry test (called the micotoxic-oxydative stress test) gives us indicators as to where in the body degeneration is happening and how deep seated (or serious) it is. If the clot shows a hyper-coagulated (very tight) pattern with no white puddles in it, and good fibrin connection, this means the person’s general constitution is strong and healthy. If there are many white puddles (polymerized protein puddles) or white spoking patterns in the dry sample, then that means a weaker constitution and a more serious health condition(s) Both the wet and dry test together give us great information for helping people take control of their own health and work on weaknesses or states of imbalance in their bodies. We believe that MOST, if not all health symptomologies are due to an ‘acidic’ lifestyle and diet. For every sickness and disease, there is always an accompanying acid present in the body such as uric, lactic or acidic acid. Our bodies are alkaline by design and acidic by function, so we teach people to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis by super alkalizing the blood and tissues with our great product line, and our dietary and lifestyle program. That’s where I come in as Chef Shelley. I teach people how to live the pH Miracle science from the kitchen, or dine alkaline out there in a restaurant. It’s where the science of food meets the taste of health!”

TCM: You lead retreats around the globe, have a beautiful Ranch in Valley Center, CA and have healed many people. Is there any one particular person that has transformed on your program that stands out?
SY: “Yes! there have been MANY people who have reversed their disease on our program. I hope its okay if I mention a few!

Your own June guest editor, Kris Carr, came to us a few years ago with a serious blood cancer condition which was attacking the lining of her veins. She has numerous tumors all throughout her body and she and her boyfriend attended our pH Miracle Retreat where, for the first time, she was able to see her own blood both wet and dry and learn from Dr. Young and I how to alkalize and energize – become well again. TRUE healing. She spent many days with us and videotaped both Dr. Young at the microscope viewing her blood, and she also spent a day of alkalizing food preparation with me. We taught Kris Carr about alkalizing the blood and tissues and did her blood tests, and also her follow-up blood tests after she had been on the program for many weeks – that proved our program was working for her. As I view Kris’s program that she promotes now, called her Crazy, Sexy, Cancer diet, you will notice that much of her regime is patterned after ours, and she talks about the importance of alkalizing and pH.

Tony Robbins is also one who found us years ago, and came to restore optimum health to his system through pH balancing. He had been following the Fit for Life program and had been ingesting nothing but sweet fruits from morning until noon. He found his energies waning, and knew intuitively that something was very wrong. While inviting Rob and I to teach his health seminars for a couple of years at his Life Mastery Events, he participated in restoring his own health and vitality through following our pH Miracle program. He has promoted our work ever since.

Gladys Knight, the famous singer, also received great benefit from following our pH Miracle program, and we were instrumental in teaching her to take charge of her own health and wellness through alkalizing. She was on our program when she received her lifetime achievement award for music.

We also have numerous video testimonials of reversing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, lupus, skin disorders, fibromyalgia and many other health issues on our website, pHmiracle.com.”

TCM: What are your thoughts on fruit?
SY: “I’m SO glad you’ve asked this question, as I think there is some confusion and misinformation out there about fruit, especially sweet fruits and their affect on health. It’s true that fruits have vitamins, minerals and many healthy components and bio-flavinoids. They are high in fiber, visually beautiful and really quite delicious. The problem is in the sugar content of fruit (fructose) going into a body that is not in a state of balance, but rather a sick body that is full of yeasts, molds and acids which are ravaging the physiology of the body. When someone is sick and tired, the fructose found in fruit can contribute to the illness by feeding the sick cells, so to speak. This is true in cancerous situations and this is why we pull all sweet fruits from the diet in the case of illness. Cancer cells feed off sugar, and so fruit is not a good choice when this serious state of imbalance is present. Sugars can also anesthetize (paralyze) white blood cells in the blood and keep them from moving and streaming throughout the inner terrain to do their ‘immune system’ job.

If someone is not dealing with serious health conditions that must keep all sugars to a minimum and they are in a state of balance in their systems, then when eaten occasionally, fruit does not create such a problem in the body. For the most part, we do not eat sweet sugar fruits very much… occasionally for a treat, like fresh raspberries over our seed pancakes with coconut whipped topping.”

TCM: Most people get overwhelmed with where to even start on a alkaline diet. Can you give some pointers?
SY: “Sure!

1. Start by drinking alkaline water. Ideally, the pH should be around a 9 pH. Many water manufacturers are now listing their pH on the their labels. We have drops that can be added to any water making it more alkaline called PuripHy drops that you can order on the website. We recommend drinking one liter for every 30 lbs of body weight a day.

2. Start adding chlorophyll to your ‘structured’ pH water in the form of greens. We feature our Doc Broc Greens and our pH Miracle Greens that are low heat dehydrated and electrically charged for optimum life force. We also recommend liquid chlorophyll which can be found in our product line, also on our website. Just by doing these two things, people can notice a big improvement in their energy and health.

3. Ween yourself off of highly acidic foods such as meats, dairy, baked goods and fermented foods, and make substitutions like use lemon or lime juice instead of vinegar and liquid pHlavor Salt  instead of soy sauce.

4. Eat more vegetables in the way of salads, green smoothies and soups… the greener, the better! Use asparagus, kale, parsley, broccoli, celery, spinach, green peas, sunflower seed sprouts, just to name a few.”

TCM: Do you recommend Raw Foods?  Cooked foods? Going vegan?
SY: “We call ourselves Alkarians, which we consider to be a notch-up from Vegans!

Our diet is high in vegetables, especially chlorophyll-rich ones, and healthy fats like avocados, almonds and coconut. For the most part, our meals are raw, with some foods that are dehydrated. People who prefer a little bit of cooked food on our pH Miracle program follow our 80/20 rule. 80% raw, 20% percent mildly cooked or steamed food, like a steamed quinoa or buckwheat, or a sprouted wheat tortilla.”

TCM: What does your personal day look like from start to finish?
SY: “Arise and SHINE!

Exercise with deep breathing: either running through our 40 acre avocado ranch or a Younga yoga class.

Breakfast consisting of fresh green veggie juice mixed with a little almond milk called green milk, cut up red ruby grapefruit slices and a green smoothie shake: spinach, avocado, cucumber, coconut, grapefruit juice, salt, ice

Work with clients and patients at our pH Miracle Center in beautiful Valley Center, CA.

Lunch – usually pureed veggie soup, big salad and vegetable side dishes such as raw pates.

Snacks – pH Miracle Kale Chips, pHlavored Nuts, dehydrated veggie crackers, Super Soy Pudding, coconut shake, Seaweed sheets.

Work, followed by family time, reading, writing, speaking, art, teaching, travel, etc.

Dinner of veggie loaf, or veggie stir-fry, soup and salad. I may have tofu occasionally. Other entrees would include: curry coconut crepes, veggie lasagna, veggie tacos.

TCM: What’s your guilty food pleasure?
SY: “Hm… I guess that would mean guilty as in ‘going off’ my program? That happens rarely, but when in Rome, I do have the gelato. Those guys are masterful at that cool and creamy stuff! And then I go right back to alkalizing and energizing the very next day!”

TCM: For new parents out there who would like to feed their kids an alkaline diet, can you recommend a healthy & tasty recipe for kids?
SY: “Yes! The great thing about our alkaline diet is that we puree our shakes and soups, making them smooth and creamy, which is a texture kids like. (Sometimes they don’t want chunky veggies!)

Kids Actually love our AvoColada Shake made with coconut palm sugar, which is made from the sap of coconut blossoms. It’s high in minerals and has a low glycemic index for diabetics. You can find this recipe in our new pH Miracle book, updated and revised or go to our website’s video section and see our demo of our Limely Love Shake with my little granddaughter Isabeau Rose. She loves it!

Also, I make a pudding for kids young and old alike:

Super Soy Pudding:
serves 4

  • 2-3 avocados
  • 1 cup fresh silky almond milk
  • 2 inch piece of fresh ginger
  • 2 limes peeled
  • 2 scoops Super Soy Sprouts powder
  • 2-3 TBs of Coconut Palm Sugar OR 1/2 tsp. raw green Stevia powder to taste
  • 8-10 ice cubes

Whip in Vita Mix or blender until smooth and glassy. Serve immediately.”

TCM: Can you recommend any beauty products?
SY: “First and foremost, beauty, in my opinion, comes from WITHIN, both spiritually and physically.

The most important beauty product (or practice, rather) you can apply to your physical appearance is your diet and the way you hydrate your skin with what you eat and drink. Our program is anti-aging because it works in harmony with the body’s pH and doesn’t rob the body of precious alkalizing mineral salts, calcium and magnesium. Drinking pH water continually assures that your skin will have less eruptions, wrinkling and spotting caused by dehydration and exposure to too much sun. Foods like avocados and Omega 3-6-9 oils are internal moisturizers and keep the skin subtle and glowing. Also, skin pH doesn’t have to be acid… it can be alkaline too, including your sweat and urine. Regular exercise is also a beauty-enhancing practice because it increases oxygen and blood flow to every organ and system in the body. All of this makes for a more youthful, beautiful and fit appearance.

Beauty products in our pH Miracle product line include a wonderful pH balanced shampoo and conditioner, which has mint in it for a refreshing, clean feel. We also have a pH balanced facial cleanser called repHresh with a spray repHresh toner and an repHresh avocado moisturizer. I use all of these products and love them because there are no harmful ingredients in them. Doc Young even concludes that you could eat them and not be harmed.”

TCM Do you have any new exciting projects you’re working on?
SY: “Yes! Our trilogy of pH Miracle books are being published all over the world now, just recently in Spanish, Russian and even Arabic! The word is getting out that alkalizing really works. It’s the greatest preventative measure one can take to achieve true homeostasis or balance in the blood and tissues.

We have two new foreign pH Miracle retreats scheduled in the coming months. We will be at the Te Sana Resort and Health Spa near Como Italy in September. Then we will be offering our pH Miracle Retreat in Goa, India for the very first time at the Taj Exotica 5-star resort on September and October.”

The pH Miracle Book Giveaway

One reader will win the Young’s classic book The pH Miracle! Simply leave your best tips on how you keep your own diet healthy and alkaline in the comments below and we will select the lucky winner! Good luck readers!

pH Miracle’s Fun Food Show: Sweet Almond Shake

Watch Shelley as she shares this simple recipe for a delicious and alkalizing shake on pH Miracle’s practical and down-to-earth Fun Food Show!


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  1. Awesome article today! After going through cancer treatments up until a few months ago I have been desperate to get my health on track. Lots of greens and veggies and Juicing at least once a day! I have been reading more about alkaline body and am so interested. sounds like a great book!

    Jacquelyn | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  2. Your recipes and food program is so wonderful . . . a true delight for those who want to get well, stay well and be well for many decades. A short time ago I took a biology course in nutirtion and shared with the class. I brought a helper with me and the professor narrated as I prepared for the class your divine Greem Limy Love Shake. Everyone in the class was able to taste the finished green shake and they all loved it. The professor’s class was the best college course I’ve ever taken in my 2+ degrees. Hats off to you for all your competent, hard work on behalf of healthy, alkanized living!!

    Lynn Gold | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  3. Excellent service to man kind by dissipating wonderful knowledge of alkalizing the body for disease free life.

    S N Agarwal | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  4. A green smoothie gets a ton of veggies down easily and tasty too.

    healthiglo | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  5. Sounds FAB! Will make it, too! Almost daily, I use the Health Master and put, 1/3 English cucumber, 1/2 avocado , little bit of jalapeno pepper, 2Tbl Flaxseed, 2 Tbl of Hempseed, 1/2-3/4 cup of the “Green” drink , grated ginger, basil leaves, 2-3 ice cubes (I like it thick). LOVE it! easy to “make-up” recipes as you go along! Sometime I use the Campari size little tomatoes , and tarragon, the green drink, ice and the Flax and Hemp seeds. ;-)) xx Lucy

    Lucy L. Brown | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  6. What a fantastic article! I was particularly inclined to click on this post because my dad is having heart surgery today. I think this book would be a great resource for him!

    To pack in a few extra cups of greens into my diet, I enjoy making a green smoothie with spinach, almond milk and a banana. It tastes delicious and fills me up!

    Alison Z. | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  7. great article thankyou…12 years ago i was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer…i read dr youngs fisrt book which i believe is worth an organized rewrite and ph miracle…i spent a week at mayos and talked to a number of doctors in the chicago area….i couldn’t accept any of their “treatments” and was a scared rabbit for 2 years but the only thing that made sense to me was dr youngs concepts…i lost70lbs, started excercising 3 times a week, removed all sugars from my diet and alkalized with raw vegetables, ph drops, andgreenspowder…im 73 now, my doctor cant find my cancer where he found it easily before, and honestly feel better at 73 than i felt at50…thank you for steering me in the right direction…and steering yourselves too…

    larry | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  8. First off, great article! It is always so inspiring to read your website. I have been Type 1 Diabetic for 25 years, and recently read The pH Miracle for Diabetes which inspired me to kick up my healthy lifestyle a notch. Now daily I start my morning with hot lemon water, green juice and green smoothie for breakfast, big green salads for lunch filled with vegan sources of protein – think hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds – lots of veggies and some whole grains for dinner, but mostly veggies, and always finish my days off with a workout that will make me sweat and some type of yoga. I believe I can reverse my disease that I have lived with for so long and finally get disconnected from my insulin pump. Eventually I plan to heal others as well, and I want to give credit to Shelley and her husband for inspiring me to take action and start my blog mysweetpancreas.blogspot.com. I haven’t taken any bolus insulin in over 3 weeks, I feel better than I did even eating just “clean”, and this alkaline lifestyle has truly changed my life. I don’t have eczema around my eyes anymore, my digestion is greatly improved and my joints don’t ache – even when I do a 90 min power yoga class! My cholesterol, although wasn’t high, has dropped and I have no complications from my disease. So thank you for recognizing these great people and for spreading the word that this lifestyle can heal people who have diseases, and even those that do not!

    Kate | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  9. Wonderful article! Started alkalizing about 12 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Today he is cancer free (no treatments!!), and is also asthma free and almost allergy free! We start with your zippy breakfast almost everyday, eat a large veggie salad for lunch and dinner. Dinner also consists of a soup, some salmon, or a veggie main dish. We snack on almonds, crackers and homemade salsa, a green smoothie, and a little sweet fruit from our yard. 9.5pH water with your greens has been our mainstay all these years and helped us transition into the diet originally! Still feel great after all these years!! Cancer doc said my husband would be dead 7 years ago–your diet has proved him wrong!!

    Chris | 07.19.2012 | Reply
    • Hi, I started doing DrYoung’s diet 7 years ago, at the moment I got lots of questions.
      after what happened to Dr Young I cannot find anyone to speack about those, got some advice? thanks a lot enrica

      enrica | 12.12.2017 | Reply
  10. Love this interview! The easiest alkalizing tip I have for beginners is to squeeze an organic lemon in your drinking water. It is a part of my morning routine in addition to juicing veggies. I also eat a handful of raw almonds, I’ve read those are quite alkalizing as well.
    I would love this book so I could learn more about the pH Miracle. After reading it, I’d love to be able to pass it along to my aging parents as they are beginning to experience symptoms of what they refer to as “old age, I guess”. Thank you!

    D Powers | 07.19.2012 | Reply
    • I actually have the same prlbeom as Jaclyn980, being allergic to everything. I am allergic to even almond, apples, and soy which is really good for the body. I am too sure about how to approach this diet because I am allergic to many fruits as well. Not sure if organic fruit will give me a different reaction (not being allergic?). I have tried the apple cider vinegar with honey and water for almost a month. I def. noticed a difference, however I stopped because it tastes horrible.

      Arman | 12.15.2012 | Reply
  11. As my hydrotherapist once told me, RAW, RAW, RAW! I start my day with a green smoothie, eat raw veggies for lunch, fruit as snacks and keep my dinner as raw as possible. I also drink water with lemon all day long.

    jenny | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  12. i love the recipes from Chef Shelley on their website and books they are very creative. i add carob, avacado and greens to my smoothie. i’ve also added many more raw veggies to my menu and minimized the acidic foods.

    Linda | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  13. Lemon in water each morning is great, but to beat having to juice each morning, juice several all at once, then put the juice into an ice tray and freeze it. Take out what is needed each morning or whenever. It saves ones time for better things.

    Barbara | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  14. Wowie, that pudding sounds delicious & I must give it a go this weekend. I keep my diet healthy and alkaline by subscribing to the motto, “clean, lean & green” when preparing my meals! I believe that starting each morning with lemon water, yoga and a green smoothie sets me on the right path every day! Also, keeping my purse/desk full of nuts/raw veggies keeps my hands out of the cookie jar when I approach the midafternoon slump that undoubtedly occurs when I’ve spent eight hours staring at a computer screen. <3

    Kirstin | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  15. I could not help but notice her fingernails. They looked like acrylic nails-or artificial in some way. Struck me as odd that this all natural gal had fake fingernails. Not judging at all. Just an observation. 🙂

    Coryn | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  16. For dinner my 3 yr old daughter and I had quinoa made with veggie broth, red peppers, Onion, celery, lime, cilantro seasoned with pink salt and garlic And a side of raw pea pods. She Loves pea pods!!

    Dave | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  17. Dr. Robert Young is like a friend – very human; this is not meant to be just a diet, is the whole approach, the love and grate fullness that life offers threw adjusting one’s mind set! I learnt much fear growing up, fear of the dark and unknown, fear of illness etc. which was a reflection of the interaction with my family and life in general. I received a stamp called “Anorexia” and the dark tunnel became even darker. I am now over 40 years and after a dramatic experience in hospital and my countless efforts searching some unknown faith linked me to a speech Dr. Young held at “The Great Health Debate” and his personality inspired me! Because I suffer with Dyslexia I misinterpret and HE has spent some effort in giving me a hand. I am shore he doesn’t mind me sharing a message I received which may come to hand:

    After almost 30 plus years of studying and learning about Acid – Base Balancing in vertebrates, and the same number of years attempting to share what I have observed and learned, I am enormously gratified to see the larger scientific community beginning to recognize and validate my work. It has been a long journey out of darkness. Almost every day now some new scientific paper is published that validates my work. Recently at a scientific conference I heard a noted scientist say, “In certain conditions, we believe it is better to have the tissues properly alkalized.” He did not give me credit, but his knowledge came from my work. You have no idea how far the journey has been from where I started to hearing those words from a distinguished member of the scientific community.

    I have lived with doubt and criticism for so long that I have come to understand it as actually encouraging and exciting. No one takes the time to write to a newspaper about something that does not interest them. When people take the time to read, investigate and try to understand and then to sit down and write to an editor to complain, what they are really doing is asking questions; asking the author to explain his or her self; to defend their work. It is wonderfully energetic and encouraging to see people interested and asking questions. Asking questions is the first step towards knowledge. It is a sign of courage and intellectual bravery to ask questions and seek knowledge.

    We, as humans, live in such profound darkness. Not knowing what is in the dark is a very scary thing. We, like children, need to know there are no boogey men under the bed. The truth is adults are afraid too. We tell our children there are no boogey men, but we still look under the bed ourselves just to be sure. The truth is we don’t know so much more than we do know. We live in a Universe of what Donald Rumsfeld, the former American Secretary of Defense, called “Unknown Unknowns”. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we still don’t know. Albert Einstein once quipped, “Intelligence is a very humbling thing. It makes us realize that what the greatest of us knows, pales in comparison to that which none of us knows”. Knowledge is always being accumulated. Much of it disturbs our serenity. We want to believe we know at least most of what is to be known. But, alas, we know so very little.

    We are much better off today than most humans were when they died in their 30’s, of things like infected teeth, which dentists today deal with so easily, and from minor wounds, that surgeons today routinely stitch up in minor medical clinics. Our knowledge is greater than it was for even our parents. We continue to learn, in spite of our very human desire to believe we already know most of what we need to know. Today it is said that all of human knowledge is compounding about every 3 years. In other words, we will learn more in the next 3 years than we have learned in our entire previous recorded history. My work is in that record. Today the medical professions, and healers around the world are just beginning to understand what I have been teaching for over 3 decades.

    The very thing that people complain about, is actually a result of the broader acceptance of my work in the scientific community. When someone writes, ” I…was shocked to discover a number of UK companies promoting practices and diets based on his theories.”, it both excites and encourages me that people are finally beginning to “get it”. I can understand why “getting it” is so unnerving. It recognizes that all along there has been a boogey man under the bed that we did not know was there! The good news is, now that we know that living an Acidic Lifestyle will make us sick, and accelerate aging and hastens death, we can do something about it! Just like now we can treat infected teeth and stitch up wounds, that once killed us at a very early age.

    I still laugh every now and then about a joke I heard on the old American Hee Haw TV show years ago, “Junior” said, “A man told me he broke his leg in two places. I told him the thing to do was to stay out of those places!” It’s the same with an Acidic Lifestyle. If the things you are doing are making you sick, then stop doing them!

    I have had people object to my saying that an HIV Virus does not cause AIDS. A great percentage of the larger scientific community does not believe that either. I am in good company. The way to shut us all up, is for someone to prove that HIV actually does cause AIDS. That hasn’t been done, because it can’t be done.

    Some people object to my theory of multiforms and origins of what are called bacteria and viruses. But, you don’t have to know or understand the origins of these biological forms to understand that if your body is properly alkalized none of them can reproduce and none of them can cause any of the ill effects thought to be associated with them. How these biological forms arise is, and has been for centuries, a great debate. The proof of my work is in the results. For at least a century, it has been known that Cancers form and thrive only in overly acidic tissue.” I did not develop that knowledge, I only explained it. Don’t blame the messenger for the message.

    Diabetes is another condition that has been largely misunderstood. For decades the way the medical community dealt with Diabetes was only to treat the symptoms. The symptoms were targeted, because it was not known what caused Diabetes. I like to say, we have always known what caused Diabetes, we just did not like the answer. The answer has always been, change your Lifestyle, and change your diet! But, we humans like our cures to fit our Lifestyles not to adjust our Lifestyles to prevent the conditions. You want to turn Diabetes around over night? Get all of the animal proteins out of your diet, along with all of the simple carbohydrates and sugars, stop drinking acidic beverages, and eating highly acid foods, add back in the alkaline green plants and simply watch what happens. Learn!

    Here is something fun for your family members to do. Go on the Internet and Google “Eggs cause Diabetes”. I have been saying that for years to howls of criticism. Now the larger scientific community is beginning to understand what I have been saying, and my critics are stunned… What!? ALL animal proteins are acidic and cause degenerative conditions we like to call diseases. Sorry.. it’s the message that is not liked. I’m just the messenger.

    One last thing, I get criticized frequently because I did not get my Ph.D. from Harvard or Johns Hopkins, or some other favored institution. I wish I could have afforded those institutions, but the schools I attended were and are fine institutions. Snob appeal does not make a good institution. We just love to establish ranks of exclusions. In the U. S. to have attended a fine engineering school you need to have attended MIT, or Stanford… most recently California Institute of Technology has taken the lead, but the truth is Indian Institute of Technology in India is widely recognized as the finest engineering school in the world. Institutions do not make the quality of their students. The students make the quality of the Institutions. In fact, institutions do not “teach” creativity or innovation. All institutions do is teach what is presently known, not what is yet to be discovered. More often than not, throughout time, our greatest discoveries have come from individuals with very little formal education, Steve Jobs from Apple, the guy that started Facebook and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Unfettered by dogma and entrenched lore, visionaries look at the world with new eyes and see things others could not.

    I am very proud of the knowledge I was given by the institutions I attended, but I am most proud of the work I have done that has expanded that knowledge and built on what was known when I was in University… work that after 30 plus years is finally being recognized and validated… work that is finally reaching the victims of ignorance, and making a difference in their lives.

    What I encourage everyone to do, especially my critics, is to continue to read, study and learn; take charge of their own health, do what works! That is how I have come to all of my conclusions… watching and studying what works, and building on that evidence. Scholars can argue about WHY an apple falls from the tree, but the important thing is to note is that it does!

    – Dr. Robert O. Young

    Being that I live in Switzerland makes things quite difficult – life is a journey and not an event BUT my body and mind try and make the best with the means I have. Thank you!

    Nicola Harrison | 07.19.2012 | Reply
  18. this article is very informative and I enjoyed watching the video, thanks. I try to avoid sugar in all forms, but do occasionally use organic maple syrup. I also drink a green juice each morning. There’s a whole lot to learn about keep my diet alkaline, so I appreciate this information. A Vitamix is on my birthday wishlist! Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. happy day to you.

    Becky | 07.20.2012 | Reply
  19. Thanks for the article! When ever I can read anything about pH Miracle and the alkaline lifestyle, I become a sponge 🙂 I just need and want more and more of it! I live in Finland and haven’t really found alkalarians here.. I will though. But I’m in to it. I began my transformation a bit over a yrear ago when I started to detoxicate (with a machine) my clients. I was a pasta-meat-candy-white flour-ice cream-fruit eating woman who didn’t feel her body as her own anymore! Totally changed it now. All above is gone, I feel vibrant, well, well oiled and over all goooood!! Now I rearly it anything cooked. Mostly greens, veggies, almond milk, nuts, seeds, sprouts, shakes, water, water, water, good salt and good oils and big salads. My favourite now is a shake with cucumber, almond milk, spinach, grape fruit, pinch of salt and water or sometimes coconut water. Yummy! I’ve also noticed that I’m sensitive for the food I’m eating: before I just ate.. now I look at something and FEEL if my body wants it or not. Of course I change what I eat, but it’s easier when I truly know what my body wants and needs. By the way, I must tell you that I wasn’t really sick in the beginning. I mean there was no disease that required regular medication. BUT I felt that health for me doesn’t mean the lack of disease, it’s much more! And I sure wasn’t healthy!! Now I am 🙂 Still things to do better, but I give my self time and enjoy this wonderful new life I have. (and not toxicate myself with hard demands for doing even better) Bless you Dr. Young and Shelley <3

    Mariia Kotila | 07.20.2012 | Reply
  20. I followed this life style for almost 3 years and really felt the benefits of it. I felt happy, healthy and energized. Then my sister passed away (37 y/o) unexpectedly and slowly my healthy life style went out the window. It’s coming up on 2 years in October now. I have gained 30-35 lbs back and I struggle everyday trying to eat well and drink my quota of green drink. Each time I read an article or receive an email on this subject it gives me some inspiration to keep trying. After reading this article and watching a few videos I once again feel like I can do this. I appreciate all the information that I receive through websites and experiences of other people because it gives me hope that I can once again get back into the swing of this amazing diet. I did it once, I can do it again. I just have to keep trying and not give up and hopefully one day soon I will be back enjoying the the lifestyle I once enjoyed. Thank you to you and your husband for your wisdom and inspiration.

    Cathy | 07.22.2012 | Reply
  21. Thank you for all your wonderful comments – we’re feeling more alkaline already! So hard to pick only one winner, but Kate’s response closed the deal. Congratulations!

    The Chalkboard | 07.23.2012 | Reply
    • Thank you so much – you really made my Monday and my week!!!!

      Kate | 07.23.2012 | Reply
  22. I hope they are beginning to teach this kind of mirateal in schools today, because I know I didn’t learn about it until recently! It’s great to read articles like yours, Jessica, because it reinforces the changes I am making in my own diet. it’s really too easy to fall back into the old S.A.D. habit. I’m focusing on a smoothie most mornings and a large raw salad every day. It’s two small changes that really help. Thanks so much for a timely article!

    Julaisa | 12.14.2012 | Reply
  23. Thanks for composing Alkaline Food And Diet-The PH Miracle With Shelley Young, I just actually had been searching for something related and was relieved to discover the
    information as a result of this particular content.

    http://justlikemefitness.com | 12.22.2012 | Reply
  24. I first came across Dr. Young’s work through Anthony Robbins. I listened to Anthony Robbin’s CDs on health which included an interview with Dr. and Shelley Young. I also read Dr. Young’s book Take Back Your Inner Terrain. Everything clicked! One of the best things I ever did was purchase a quality juicer and I began juicing wheatgrass. That branched out to juicing kale, swiss chard and watercress. My journey has been interesting. I lost weight, felt better than I had ever felt, my fingernails and hair got stronger, bags and dark circles under my eyes disappeared. My husband told me that my skin glowed. The road was not always smooth though. There have been times in the years since, where stress took over and I slid back into eating acidic and processed foods, the weight returns, a feel tired and aches and pains creep back. Always, I return to the alkaline theory and go back to juicing green grasses and eating green veggies. And always, I see the same positive results. So, I have tested this with my own body. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have so much control over your own health. I seek out Drs who share these views, which is challenging, but getting a bit easier. I have been fortunate enough to find a dentist that fully embraces the importance of and alkaline diet. Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I was ecstatic when the urologist, told my father, “We have found that the bladder heals when it is more alkaline!” So, word is getting out.

    Mary | 06.19.2013 | Reply
  25. Please can you help me?

    I was wondering if you could help me. I have suffered with a Hiatus Hernia for at least 10 years and have been on anti acids daily. ( I have a sliding Hiatus Hernia 3 cm long)

    In 2010 I was diagnosed with Barretts Oesophagus which is 1 cm long.

    I was advised that I would benefit from an operation called Funderplication. However, I have put this operation off for 3 years until now mainly because I have been in and out of hospital for the past year with other problems, I am pleased to report these have all been sorted out now!

    My consultant has now booked me in to have this operation on the 10 July.

    I was hoping to find an alternative and have tried all sorts of things, supplements, reflexology,reiki, homeopathy, I even e-mailed an Ayvedic Doctor in India recently but he felt that he could not help me.

    I had an Endoscopy recently and was advised that the Barrett’s is still there and my Biopsies have come back fine . I will not need another Endo for 3- 5 years.

    I had some blood tests recently and they have come back fine which is goo news. My BMI is good so my doc tells me.

    I am very worried because my aunty died of Oesophagus Cancer and my doctor feels that I may get Cancer in 3-5 years time if I do not have this operation?

    I walk a lot, jog and do my yoga practise as often as I can. However, lately my energy levels have dipped and I have not being exercising as much as I was.

    I have been reading Jason Vales’s books and juicing everyday, 2 weeks ago I did juice for 3 days and had a salad in the evening, my body felt much better after the initial shock of no sugar and caffeine.

    Is there any juices that you feel I should go on and is there a specific Detox programme that you feel would help me. If I go ahead with this operation I will not be able to swallow for at least 2 weeks and I felt that I could perhaps juice?

    In an ideal world I do not want to have this operation and was hoping that by going on the right juice alone, I maybe able to heal my body? Do you think this is possible? Apparently, I produce a lot of acid and they say that an alkaline diet will not help my condition, the consultant said there was no scientific evidence to prove this. I bid to differ.

    I feel if the anti acids had done there job why was I diagnosed with Barrett’s? If you have any suggestions please, please let me know.

    I am also keen to find out about your retreat to India this year.

    Warm wishes,

    Mary Anne

    I would be grateful for any suggestions.
    Warm wishes,
    Mary Anne

    Mary Anne McGuiggan | 06.24.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Mary Anne,
      We’ll be in touch with you by email!

      The Chalkboard | 06.24.2013 | Reply
  26. I eat cantaloupe for a fruit if I get that sweet tooth and green juice as often as possible.

    MichelleC | 07.04.2013 | Reply
  27. My dream retirement is to hardly ever have to deal using the cold of winter or heat of summer. An A-Frame in Vermont plus a cottage by the sea near Savannah.

    Karri Acock | 10.22.2013 | Reply
  28. I am a retired holistic dentist and practiced in Las Vegas for 41 years. A good deal of my practice was nutritional counseling. I have always been an advocate of an alkaline body ph. I always tested my patients with ph paper. I am sorry to say since I retired and I am now attempting to resume my old ways. Thank you for your encouragement. I have a question – have you had success with bipolar patients and their mental improvement? Wish I could meet you and your special husband some day. Just keep improving people’s health by natural healthy alkaline based health foods. Dr. Kent W. Davis

    Kent W. Davios D.M.D | 01.28.2014 | Reply
  29. I need your permission to quote from your book, pH Miracle, 2002, into my book, as required by my publisher; WHAT IS THE ADDRESS I NEED TO SEND our author permission form. Mahalo (thank you)

    wilfred paul | 02.13.2014 | Reply
  30. My husband joe had a stroke july 12 2012 and he had other complications and the doctors said he would not serve and I could not believe what they were telling me and did not take their advise and bring him home to die, instead we went forward with his treatments and found a doctor that believed he could serve and put him on magnesium and other vitamins that saved his life and cleared his liver, but what the doctors did not know was I was also giving him things to help his liver and clear his system and mind to heal, when he finally did come home we started him gluten free and changed our diet drastically cutting down on the sugar intake and jucing changed milk to soy and almond and he loves it. I am still working on getting us meat free.I am starting to look into our ph. A doctor gave me a recipe for baking soda and lemons in water that I have tried to clear our system. But I would love to learn more and make my recipes taste better. Thank you for letting me get this out it has been along road and still longer to go. We are working on his pain and getting to walk again he is paralyzed on his left side but we both feel that he will walk again. Sincerely Diana and joe

    diana incandella | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  31. What can I substitute instead of avocados and coconut meat I can not eat either one they make me very bloated I have to stay on low FODMAP diet – also my stomach can not tolerate too much roughage I do have IBS and eating too much greens make me bloated and constipated – thank you

    Bahareh | 03.13.2016 | Reply
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