Would You Or Wouldn’t You: The $125 Leggings

Tracy Anderson is famous for getting Madonna, Gwyneth and Nicole in tip-top shape but these days she’s making a name for herself as more than the designer of the ultimate fitness routine. This summer, Tracy has teamed up with Edition 01 to create a capsule collection of workout gear including leggings that are geared towards different body types, much like her tailor-made workout routines. Here’s the skinny on her four different lines: Abcentric whittles the waist with a high waistline and tummy control band, Hipcentric elongates and slims the thighs, Glutcentric gives those blessed with booty the support they need and Omnicentric provides the well-proportioned (or indecisive) with all-over control.

   Glutecentric                  Abcentric                      Omnicentric                  Hipcentric

Now, we know they’re easy on the eyes and can enhance your shape, but these pieces clock in at around $125 a pair, so they certainly aren’t lightweight when it comes to your wallet. Of course, you can’t put a price tag on looking and feeling your best but tell us: Do you think this is too high a price to pay for something you’ll be sweating in and ditching come post-workout shower time?

High-tech designer leggings: Would you or wouldn’t you?

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