Sure, you’re hoping to see Calvin and Taylor’s choice of festivalwear this year out in the desert. But let us direct your attention to something slightly more important to the success of your Coachella plans: a reservation at this winding dinner table that’s sure to be one of the weekend’s most memorable experiences (unless you find yourself backstage with Axl Rose…).

As the scene at Coachella has boomed, the festival’s culinary game has gotten stronger as well. We know that some purists yearn for the fest to keep its wild roots intact, but we can’t say we’re mad at being able to eat Kind Kreme and Sweetfin poke bowls between shows!

Tickets to one of Outstanding in the Field‘s famously beautiful dinners are, in our food-focused minds, the ticket to grab for weekend one or two. This jet-setting dinner party crew is known for setting just one long, winding table in the most unlikely of places across the planet – from country orchards to farm fields, exotic mountaintops to secluded beaches. Their mission is to “re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food” and through over 700 events in 11 countries, they’ve done just that. Each time Outstanding in the Field sets its table, it looks as though the wedding of the century is being celebrated. We can’t get enough of their gorgeous aesthetic!

This month at Coachella, the team at OITF is setting up shop in the Rose Garden at the Empire Polo Club. Each night will feature a unique menu showcasing ingredients from nearby Coachella Valley farms, as well as artisanal libations crafted with the same theme of locality. The chef lineup – which nearly overshadows Coachella’s musical one – includes some of our fave L.A. names like Nyesha Arrington of Leona, Michael Voltaggio of Ink and Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen. As a side dish for information nerds, California farmer and host of previous OITF events, David Retsky, will be also be at the dinner offering insights and inspirations about sustainable farming.

Got you drooling? Here’s how to get into one of Outstanding In The Field’s festival dinners! Eat and socialize in a setting energized by festival vibes, but outside the dusty chaos of the crowds for a while…

Get Tickets:

Join in for one of OITF’s nightly dinners this year at Coachella. Each dinner includes four courses of hyper-local farm fare from some of L.A.’s top chefs and offers a much needed respite from the dusty fray. Tickets for each dinner can be purchased individually for festival goers ($255), or purchased as a package with 3-day passes/VIP passes. 

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