Skip the gym, but don’t stay home. We’re obsessed with outdoor workouts this season for friend dates and trainer meet ups. Check out this heart-pumping, body-toning stairs workout with L.A. blogger, Lauren Gores Ireland

Fall so beautifully reminds us to celebrate change. The drifting leaves and cooler evenings prove there’s nothing terrifying about life’s ever-evolving journey. The changing seasons push me to make changes in my own life. Hiking, running, walking, training (all of it!) heals the mind and awakens the body.

I especially love L.A.’s Culver City Stairs, because it’s where nature meets cityscapes. The land itself feels worlds away from Los Angeles, but you can see the city from the top. Even if you don’t live nearby, outdoor stairs workouts are everywhere (these stairs in Santa Monica are another of my L.A. favorites). Consider local school stadiums or even monuments with quite a few steps to its entrance. Stairs work your bum, quads and core, while also improving cardio strength.

Here’s an endorphin-building routine to follow while doing a stairs workout…

STRETCH|Begin with five minutes of stretching, focusing on your quads, calves and ankles. Hopping in place for 30 seconds also helps to loosen up your body.

STEP|Kick off your stairs workout at a slow and steady pace. As you begin to pick up a routine, try speeding things up. Ideally, you want to push for a 20-minute stairs workout, which means you may have to go up and down a few times (depending on your location). This increases your heart rate while burning fat and building muscle.

JOG| I like to pair my steps workout with a short, light jog once my muscles are warm and loose. The jogging helps alleviate soreness the next day, while also stepping up the cardio. A mere 10-minute jog (or speedy walk!) outdoors helps clear the mind.

TRAIN|Mix in some of your favorite exercises from the top of the steps. Think lunge jumps, leg lifts or high knees. I typically only do a quick set, as more of an endorphin-building workout while feeling on top of the world! If it’s your first time tackling a stairs workout, your body may need to sit this part out!

MEDITATE|Wrap up your workout with some YOU time. Sit at the top of the steps and reflect on what you’re grateful for, while considering changes you want to make in your life. Yoga stretches like the one pictured above are also a great means of calming your mind and body while setting intentions for this new season.

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