We love it when brands we love – and trust – collaborate with girls who really get it. Our October Guest Editor, Deliciously Ella, is probably Britain’s top wellness blogger and when she announced this partnership with the reliably holistic Brit brand, Neal’s Yard Remedies, we were thrilled.

There’s a thin line between health and beauty. When you really boil it down, beyond lash extensions and an overload of highlighter, beauty comes from within (but, really).

From her organic lipstick pick to coconut oil everything, Ella’s approach to beauty is remarkably simple and we love all the take away in her Green Goddess Guide below. Her gorgeous new skincare sets with Neal’s Yard Remedies boast nearly-edible ingredients like cucumber, blueberries, rose and lime (and, yes, they smell amazing.) We’re giving away three full sets! Read on for Ella’s beauty tips, including a smoothie recipe we’re trying ASAP…

Can’t travel without…

Coconut oil. It’s an all-around wonder for me. I use it for everything from makeup remover to after-sun care, a hair mask, a moisturizer and even mix it with brown sugar for an exfoliator!

In a pinch I…

Am quite simple with my beauty routine and makeup bag. I have a few key products that I love, but I like to keep it all very quick and easy.

Always in my evening clutch:

Lip balm and bronzer.

Obsession of the moment:

Argan oil. I use it at night after I’ve washed my face and it’s doing wonders for my skin.

Beautifying meal:

Anything with lots of fruit or veggies. I don’t think there’s a one size fits all for these things – it’s using a mixture of natural foods that I think make a huge difference for your skin. Smoothies are great for this as you can chuck it all in together!

Beautifying drink:

Smoothies and green juices. They’re the easiest ways to get lots of goodness in very quickly – plus they taste amazing.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

I have to admit, I don’t see myself as a glamour girl. I’m quite simple with my routine! For me it’s about having a great base, so I try to do a face mask once a week (I love the Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mask), then exfoliate a couple of times. I also moisturize every morning and evening: I use my Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose, Lime and Cucumber Moisturizer in the day and argan oil in the evening.

Perfect pout:

Ilia lipsticks. They’re a great natural brand with lovely colors.

Beauty tool:

RMS master mixer and concealer – I use them everyday.

In the shower I keep…

Coconut shampoo and conditioner – quite basic really.

On my bedside table…

Essential oils. I have some great roll-on ones, which I love before bed and first thing in the morning.

Once a month I…

Try to get a facial. It probably ends up being more like once every two months, but I find it does really help my skin glow.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I go for avocado toast and a smoothie. They don’t require much effort or energy but really help boost me again.

On little sleep I rely on…

Matcha lattes and lots of moisturizer to help my skin.

The product that changed my skin…

I’m not sure if there’s one thing, more a mixture of everything. Having a great daily routine makes a huge difference. I used to chop and change between different routines and products every day, but consistency seems to be great for me.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Do all you can to feel good in your own skin. Easier said than done, but as soon as you can stop comparing yourself to everyone else, it becomes so much easier to feel great about yourself.

For glowing skin…

Lots of veg, sleep, water, movement, moisturizer and laughter – I think you really need a mix of it all!

My go-to smoothie recipe:

One frozen banana, a big handful of spinach, a tablespoon of oats, a tablespoon of nut butter, a handful of frozen berries and some almond milk – so simple and so delicious.

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