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All throughout August, we’ve been thrilled to feature the lovely Amanda De Cadenet as our Guest Editor.  She’s shared with us her favorite LA hot spots, her definition of wellness, and the best advice she has ever received.  While this multitasking maven is known for being the conduit for honest talk on her hit Lifetime show, what you might not know is that The Conversation has spawned an online hub for connection and self exploration we’re crazy about!  Here are some of our favorite articles from The Conversation’s array of talented contributors!

Why we love it:

In this tech-savvy world, it’s become easier and easier to converse with one another without even stepping foot in the same room.  But for many of us, get us in front of a group and we break into a cold sweat, tripping over words and feeling foolish.  Winfrey lets us in on her top four strategies for successful public speaking.  Introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between: get ready to stand a bit taller and shine a bit brighter.

Why we love it:
You love sports and you love sparkles.  You are fascinated by motorcycles and manicures alike.  Not quite a “tomboy,”  but certainly not “girly.”  In a culture that places such an emphasis on extremes, is there room for a middle ground?  Kasse explores the types of women we become as we grow older…and the types of women we truly long to be.
Mascara: A Love/Hate Relationship by Natalie Lynn Borton
Why we love it:
If you are a woman, you have probably had a pretty strong opinion on makeup ever since you got your hands on your very first tube of strawberry lip gloss back in 7th grade.  Many of us primp morning, noon, and night — applying, removing, glamming up and toning down depending on the occasion.  How tied are we to the products we use?  Borton’s mascara obsession leads her to a 40 day “fast” – and the things she discovers by going au natural might surprise you.


Join the Conversation! head to the Conversation online and get your fix of thought-provoking discussions between seasons of Amanda’s hit show!  

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For August, we are over-the-moon excited to introduce you to our new guest editor,  Amanda de Cadenet from The Conversation. The Conversation is one of our favorite TV shows and sites all about helping women connect—it’s quickly become one of ou...

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