Amanda de Cadenet

For August, we are over-the-moon excited to introduce you to our new guest editor, Amanda De Cadenet from The Conversation. The Conversation is one of our favorite TV shows and sites all about helping women connect—it’s quickly become one of our most-visited online resources for advice, wisdom and some words of encouragement. Whether we’re listening to Sarah Silverman or Gwyneth Paltrow on the Lifetime show or listening to the many voices express their points of view on the site, Amanda is always leading the movement to help women feel more empowered. Amanda graciously accepted our offer to be our August guest editor and she’s going to be sharing some of her wonderful experience and expertise with us all month long….take it away, Amanda!

Hello everybody!

I am beyond pleased to be The Chalkboard Mag’s guest editor for the month of August. I look forward to contributing to the site, which is one of my favorites, as well as connecting with as many of you loyal readers as possible. When this final summer month begins, life seems to enter yet another transitory period. As guest editor, I will do my best to provide you with tips and tricks that improve your daily life, as well as stories from real women, like myself, who are devoted to health and wellness.

Essentially, telling stories is what I do. I recently launched a multimedia platform for women called The Conversation. While the first season of network programming for The Conversation is over, TheConversation.tv remains a thriving source of discourse for both the female and human experience. I created The Conversation from my living room, drawing upon support from friends, acquaintances and former colleagues that also believed in the need to highlight all aspects of a woman’s life. The Conversation is about wellness.

In our personal pursuit of wellness, the ladies behind The Conversation strive to strengthen our own physical, spiritual and mental health by cultivating a larger female network to learn from and grow with. We are interested in achieving personal optimums, and in figuring out what stands in the way between our happiest and healthiest selves and who we all are today. In identifying our roadblocks and weaknesses, we learn to accept and love ourselves most fully while also paving the way for further development. Of course, this isn’t easy! So we search for tools and solutions each day in hopes of improving all areas of our life. Each day we ask ourselves (in one way or another), “How do we move towards being our highest selves?”

In my own life, I am extremely holistic. My kids and I eat organically, and my home is absolutely sugar- and gluten-free. I don’t vaccinate my twins, and if you sit next to me on a hot day – you’ll know that I am au naturale. I believe in alternative medicine and have been practicing it in different forms for over twenty years.

Throughout the month, I hope to share with you some of my best practices, favorite resources, go-to products and key insights that I have gathered over the years. In exchange, I will ask that you share the same with me. As last month’s guest editor Dr. Alejandro Junger emphasized, good health begins with community. The Chalkboard has already created this community for us; I just hope to continue the conversation.


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