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Turmeric is having a moment. Did you know spices could have those? We’re obsessed with this neon orange super-root and will forgive it’s weird-looking natural state, because it’s so. Darn. Good for us.

This spring we’re all about this spicy root and it’s healthfully delicious benefits. As one of two new limited edition juices by Pressed Juicery this spring, this brightly colored bottle of turmeric-spiced citrus and apple juice will turn your world upside down. Find Navel Orange Turmeric Fuji Apple Lemon for a limited time only when you swing by your nearest Pressed Juicey store or go to the online shop to snag a bottle of both scrumptious new seasonal juices.

Navel Orange Turmeric Fuji Apple Lemon is a hybrid of OJ and apple juice with an alkalizing lemony kick, and ingredient-of-the-moment, turmeric. Here’s what you can expect in this bottle of golden goodness:

Navel Orange

Oranges are known for being a vitamin-C powerhouse, but did you know they also neutralize free radicals and help to keep those spring allergies at bay? What’s more, they’re rich in potassium, ensuring heart health…and filled with both carotenoid compounds and beta-carotene to keep your skin and eyes as glowing as a spring day.


This silly-looking root packs in some stunning benefits: due to the presence of curcumin (the chemical that gives turmeric its bright hue), it’s a potent anti-inflammatory, relief aid for rheumatoid arthritis, and can potentially minimize the growth and spread of cancer cells. Turmeric can also lower cholesterol levels and help protect against Alzheimers, giving it a gold star in our book.

Fuji Apple

An apple a day could really keep the doctor away! Fuji apples have the highest overall concentration of bioflavonoids of any type of apple, meaning they’re the most efficient apple when it comes to disease prevention and weight control. They also contain a compound called quercitin, which can reduce your risk of heart attack by about one-third. 


Oh lemon, how we love thee. We’ve sung the praises of lemons time and again on TCM, from their strong immune-boosting antibacterial and antiviral powers to their potent cleansing properties. Lemons are also helpful in fighting both anxiety and fatigue, making them a welcome addition to our hectic spring schedule.

This seasonal juice is available for a limited time only, while supplies last in-store and on pressedjuicery.com! Get in on our #freshPressedseasonal Pinterest contest going on this month as we celebrate the new season.

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