Simplest Health Tip Ever: Switch Peanut Butter for Raw Nut Butter

In hopes of obtaining a healthier and happier life, we’re constantly making additions and adjustments to our lifestyle. Changes do not have to be drastic or world shifting to be effective, they just have to be focused and meaningful. Every so often, we love to pin-point just one manageable health tip that will boost your nutritional intake and overall sense of well-being all on it’s own. So what is the tip for today? Switch your peanut butter for a raw nut butter.

As classic as it may be, that conventional peanut butter adorning your pantry cabinets may just get swiped off your grocery shopping checklist after you read our list of things to avoid below. Never fear, just a few tweaks and you can keep all that nut-butter goodness in your life with just a few of these adjustments…

avoid butters with Aflatoxins: Alfatoxins are a mycotoxin created from a fungus known as aspergillus. These mycotoxins are known to be one of the most dangerous cancer-forming substances, and at high levels of exposure, lead to liver failure and hepatitis B.

avoid butters with Trans Fatty Acids: The majority of commercial peanut butters contain one of the most health detrimental ingredients known: trans fatty acids. Also listed as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and hydrogenated oils, trans fats have been confirmed by research to damage the body’s cells. Now banned in New York City, trans fats lead to chronic disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammation and obesity.

avoid Butters contains White (table) Sugar: White sugar intake is directly correlated to an increased risk of health problems ranging from poor digestion and chronic infections to cancer. White sugar feeds pathogenic organisms such as molds, fungus and bacteria, which in turn, overload the immune system, setting your body up for more serious conditions. In addition, white table sugar leads to diabetes, obesity and heart disease… seems like reason enough to nix this addiction.

avoid Butters that are Roasted: All nuts contain fats, and fats are compounds that are very susceptible to damage. When heated, or in this case, roasted, the fats become rancid, which means the lipids (fats) oxidize. Oxidized lipids can destroy vitamins, leading to deficiency, cause inflammation in the body, contribute to cardiovascular disease and lead to the damage of the cells themselves.

Making the Switch: Toss out that peanut butter and get on board with some raw (unheated), organic nut butters. Look instead for cashew, pecan, or walnut butters, like some of our favorites from Artisana, Rejuvenative Foods, and Wilderness Poets. Better yet, make your own. We love this interesting recipe for Pumpkin Macadamia Nut Butter.Whip it up, stick a spoon in it and let your nut butter-deprivation fears come to an end.


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