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There was a time in the beauty world when things got deathly boring. Then, along came clean beauty and everything was revived. Perhaps I’m drinking the organic Kool-aid here, but I think that’s exactly what’s happening with bars and cocktails. Especially in markets like L.A.where food and cocktail trends take off so fast, the locals are bored with them years before the international influencer set has had a chance to visit and pose in the latest hotspots.

natural wine bar

It’s hard to argue that clean food and drinks are new to anyone living in L.A., but a wine bar solely devoted to clean wine and low ABV drinks? It’s new enough for us to devote an entire story to — and we hope it’s a trend that catches on.

We’ve been big fans of Heather Tierney and The Butcher’s Daughter, Abbott Kinney’s glossiest wellness hang, from the top. Her latest venture, Only the Wild Ones is the natural wine bar opening this weekend with major promise.

venice wine bar

Only the Wild Ones wiine bar s the latest hotspot to open on Abbott Kinney, serving natural, biodynamic and sustainable wines by the glass only, along with low-ABV cocktails and craft beers.

We’re been talking about biodynamic wines for more than a decade, but it’s incredible to see an entire (well-designed) wine bar devoted to clean bottles and brews.

The first and last date-worthy atmosphere inside OTWO has all the Tulum-meets-California vibes we’e craving lately. Just as you’d expect, bar-goers are able to order orange, white, red and rose wines by the glass, alongside trending — but actually satisfying — bites like cheese plates with beets, chickpeas and figs, gluten-free pesto ‘pizzetas’, hummus, olives and truffled potato chips. Their cocktail menu includes inventive deliciousness like the natty 75 cocktail ($14), a blend of fennel cordial and sparkling pet nat spiked with lemon and juniper berry.

Like everything in the world of wellness, we’re happy for this trend to catch on – as bougie as it may be. Our whole goal is to further education and encourage the creation of more excellent choices apart from toxic or potentially-toxic ingredients.

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