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At age 76, Norma Kamali is the fashion designer behind au courant street style looks (hello, Carrie Bradshaw) and an inspiration to wellness devotees everywhere with her svelte frame, clean lifestyle and through-the-roof energy levels. That’s what we like to call ‘goals’.

As a designer, Norma serves timeless looks that women from 20 to 80 are wearing to dinner (it’s all about this asymmetrical dress). And as a wellness icon, she’s a non-stop source of information and inspiration, recently formalizing her influence through a virtual Wellness Cafe.

The cafe began inside her NYC store in 2001, a hybrid toolkit slash marketplace inspired by Norma’s decades’ long love affair with wellness. Now 20 years later — as a testament to the longevity of her personal healthy values — Norma’s ‘cafe’ offers content from her best-selling book, I Am Invincible, insights from holistic experts, and a curated marketplace of authentic recommendations from Norma. The cafe will also offer exclusive access to her personal workout – The Routine – developed by Norma and her trainer, a former Physique 57 instructor.

We needed to know as much as possible from the beloved lifestyle icon and asked her to join our Living Well With… series. Read on for Kamali’s practical, accessible advice…

Living Well with Norma Kamali

Daily breakfast: Warm lemon water

My health philosophy in one sentence: Sleep, Diet, Exercise

Can’t live without: Wally Kamali, my doxie

Once a week for my health I: Have a Thai massage + acupuncture

Healthiest meal I eat on repeat: My smoothie recipe includes blueberries, greens, avocado, and green powder.

Crazy health idea that actually works: (No health idea is crazy.) Active meditation.

Simplest way to improve health: Pretend your life depends on it.

Fave workouts:Gyrokinesis Yoga and Physique 57

what I love about fitness: I am committed to aging with power. What I like about fitness is the mind-body connection.

My daily supplements include: Zinc, Vitamins C, D3, B1-12 and Calcium

wellness ideas I wish more people understood: It doesn’t cost more. Walking and climbing stairs are free. Sleep, embrace a ritual-based practice, eat less (but better) food.

Health trend to skip:
All trends.

Smartest healthy snack: Frozen blueberries.

3 clean beauty products I can’t live without: The Skinline Kit, including the soft moisturizer, smooth exfoliant, and glow color enhancer.

Ingredient in products I always avoid: Red Dye 40

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be… Find timeless products that work and stay focused with sleep, diet, and exercise.

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