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Studies have shown that having a hobby can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Here at Pressed Juicery and the Chalkboard we’re consistently amazed to find out what our co-workers do on their downtime! It’s in that spirit that we’ve asked some of our favorite faces around the office to share their passion projects and off-the-clock obsessions. Here’s one of our architectural team superstars, Helen Hyon!

My name is Helen Hyon. At Pressed Juicery, I am part of the architectural department! On The Side, I draw, paint and make random wearable items. It started when my parents began dropping me off at a friend’s art studio while they were running errands. At home, I began to mimic my mother, designing and making clothes. Apparently, I behaved much better when I was kept busy making things! It’s my passion because there is a sense of therapeutic happiness and excitement that comes from completing something from scraps of nothing. It’s intriguing that nothing can be constructed to possess infinite perspectives. And it’s absolutely fun! The most memorable moment happened when I took a plunge into the fashion design world making small wearable collections for school-organized fashion shows. The most recent side project I am working on is a series of fashion-influenced paintings focused on body movement. It’s my first time creating a series of paintings, so I’m very excited about the outcome. You can check out my passion by getting inspired by the work of others. I love perusing Trend Land, Arch Daily and Lookbook while gathering ideas for new projects!

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