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We’re always on the lookout for those little tips and products that make ‘living well’ that much easier. We noticed these simple-as-can-be contraptions that turn wide-mouthed canning jars into instantly easy snack storage and we knew we’d found a goodie. Cuppow is the maker of these BNTO jar adaptors that turn mason jars into modern day bento boxes! If the idea of toting a whole slew of equipment with you to the office or on a hike keeps you from eating the healthy snacks you love while on the go, a few of these healthy ideas could make all the difference! Get inspired with the ideas below, then enter to win our mason jar accessories giveaway…

Going greek:

Throw hummus in the top and an entire chopped cucumber or carrots in the bottom.

Salad in a jar:

Any greens or your favorite raw veggies can stuff down into a jar, while homemade dressing hangs out above til you’re ready to pour over, close the lid and shake.

Berry parfait:

Chill a jar of berries, granola or both and store yogurt up above til you’re ready to enjoy. No soggy granola!

Picnic-ready cheese plate:

Create an instantly chic picnic scenario with just one blanket and a jar of your favorite chevre and grapes!

Sweet treat:

To satiate your sweet cravings in the afternoon, store this snack in your work fridge: fill the jar with slices of fresh mango and keep protein-rich Greek yogurt in the top.

Noodle bowl:

Cook up a quick batch of buckwheat soba noodles and store below with Thai peanut sauce above ready to shake and enjoy for a light lunch.

Kid Pleaser:

Slice an apple or two, throw in the jar and fill the top with almond butter. We love you can throw just the one jar in a tote and it’s ready to go!

Vegan protein:

Throw an oil-less citrus or vegan caesar dressing in the top and a blend of quinoa, beans and salad greens down below

Bowl full of cherries:

Stash a jar full of cherries in your bag. Eat the fruit from the bottom, throw the stems & pits in the top

Milk & cookies:

For the occasional splurge – or to impress the last of your dinner party stragglers! Send folks home from your gathering with their very own late-night snack.

Go Mason jar crazy and enter to win our Cuppow giveaway! Leave your comment below, then Like the Cuppow and Chalkboard Facebook pages. We’ll select a winner to receive our Cuppow haul: one BNTO insert, plus two of Cuppow’s amazing jar lids that turn Mason jars into travel mugs! 

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