Health At All Costs: The Best Natural Iodine at Every Price

Iodine has captured the attention of the medical and holistic fields as one of the top recommendations for improving health. Not only does it protect against radiation (yes, you may remember it from Fukushima), but it is also vital for maintaining thyroid health. And why do we want to make sure the thyroid is happy and healthy? Because the thyroid keeps our mood lifted, our mind clear, our body at the right temperature, and helps us stay trim and slim… all the things we value, especially when they are out of whack.

Our solution? Make sure you are getting adequate iodine in your diet. Whether through supplements or superfoods, be mindful of how you are getting it – not all forms of iodine are created equal. Our suggestion? In order to avoid any potential toxic effects, make sure it comes from a live food source – rather than a synthetic one (made in a laboratory) – like our favorite choices below.

High: Sealogica supplements

Completely raw, this liquid supplement is a blend of seven wild-harvested sea vegetables that not only contains your daily dose of iodine, but also contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid needed for life. And if that’s not enough to make you go out and get it, it also contains those vital enzymes and antioxidants that prevent disease and keep us looking and feeling vibrant! Definitely worth the price tag!

Midpoint: Spirulina Powder

Much like its exotic name suggests, spirulina is a superfood that is actually a type of blue-green algae. Yep, the illustrious blue-green algae. Most notable for its extremely high-protein content (great for you vegans out there!), it is also a great source of iodine too. Simply add it to your daily smoothies, or get a little creative by adding it to your favorite ice cream, pudding or creamy morning cereal, just make sure to add a bit of natural sweetener… yeah, it tastes as green as its color.

Low: SeaSnax seaweed

SeaSnax’s tag line is ‘Strangely Addictive’ and the Chalkboard editors can most certainly vouch for that! A staple snack made from seaweed, Sea Snax not only satisfies that salt craving, but is also a simple way to get your dose of iodine too! We are all about bang for your buck, and this one fits the bill!

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