oatmeal in the rice cooker

Jules Blaine Davis new debut book, The Kitchen Healer: The Journey to Becoming You is filled with beautiful recipes and ‘Heart Work’ practices. Jules work is beloved by Angelenos like Bryce Dallas Howard, Mirabai Starr, and Carrie-Anne Moss, reminding women to take care of themselves every day through food and mindfulness…

Waking up early in the morning is essential medicine. It also supports you in getting ahead of the rush. We intend no rush, yet life is in session, and we know it can take us from ourselves in a split second.the kitchen healer

Jules Blaine Davis, the Kitchen Healer

This is what I like to call getting ahead of it. This is also a doing-to-be remedy. Oh, it feels so good to get ahead of it, “it” being all the needs of your life, your family, and the world. Many of us feel late the minute we wake up. This morning practice nips that right in the bud, and so does this recipe.

The rice cooker (or slow cooker) is like having an extra mother or grandmother in the kitchen. It is another incredible fire holder. To have food ready as your family, friends, or YOU wake up feels like such a deep caretaking. To get ahead of it is an intentional practice. It is also a mindset. It heals the waiting you might get caught inside of, along with the sticky feeling of hoping to be taken care of. This recipe (and this journey) is your caretaker. You are taking care of you as you hold your body by the fire with your breath, some cinnamon, and love.

Oatmeal In The Rice Cooker From The Kitchen Healer

Tools Required:
rice cooker (or slow cooker) wide wood spoon
a Pyrex measuring pitcher
bowls you love
spoons you love

salted butter
1½ cups of organic oatmeal (I love Bob’s Red Mill gluten free)
cinnamon (a couple of dashes)
½ tsp or a small capful vanilla extract
dates, dried cherries, or other dried or raw berries
3 cups water and/or almond or other milk
organic cream or half-and-half
maple syrup
soaked and peeled almonds (the sky is the limit on toppings)

1. Turn on the rice cooker or slow cooker and place a scoop of butter in the vessel. You can put the rice cooker on the “rice” or “on” setting.
2. Add the oatmeal, cinnamon, vanilla, dried fruit, and water or a mix of water and almond milk or any kind of milk. Note: This is a 2-to-1 recipe, which means for every one part of dry ingredients (1 cup, ½ cup, etc.), the liquid will be double regardless of the particular measurement. Many grains are 2-to-1, like white rice and quinoa.
3. You can let the oats be in there for as long as you need. Give yourself time here. Give the oatmeal (or any grain) time to be in the cooker for 30 minutes or more. They will continue to cook and soften. You get to do this, too. You can go breathe, walk, stretch, be with you.
4. As the kids get up or you feel your hunger, you can create a DIY buffet on the island. Add a little organic cream or half-and-half, a little maple syrup, nuts, or whatever toppings float your boat or oat, in this case.the kitchen healer cookbook

Excerpted from the book The Kitchen Healer: The Journey to Becoming You by Jules Blaine Davis. Copyright © 2022 Jules Blaine Davis. Reprinted with permission from the author and the publisher, Sounds True.

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