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As is often said, the grass is always greener on the other coast. Although L.A. and San Fran are culinary wonderlands in their own right, it seems from our West Coast vantage point that there is always a NYC opening we’re dying to try. From Dirt Candy to Brodo to The Little Beet Table, we’re drooling over it all.
With our New York restaurant fixation in full effect, we’ve enlisted top foodie and new Eater Drinks editor, Kat Odell to share her top bite (or sip) of the month with us from restaurants across the City. Seem like a simple task? It may be more challenging than it sounds for a gal whose full-time job is to stay hip to the rapidly changing culinary scene! Every month, Kat will be filling us in on a dish or drink that’s blowing her mind. After years at Eater, we trust Kat’s palate implicitly and can’t wait to see what she sends our way each month. Check out Kat’s first bite below: a very Chalkboardy mastic-spiced coffee with local goat milk…

WHAT I ATE: Goat’s Milk Mastic Coffee spiced with cardamom

WHY I ATE IT: I love cardamom, especially in coffee. Hampton Chutney Co. in Soho and Amagansett makes a great iced version, and Victory Garden in the West Village makes an excellent hot version perfect for colder weather. It’s flavored with both cardamom and mastic, and a splash of goat’s milk adds a bit of creaminess. Most importantly, it’s not too sweet.

WHY YOU NEED IT: A healthier and delicious alternative to regular joe.

HOW TO GET IT: You can find this extra-special coffee at Victory Garden in NYC!

What are you eating, New York? We want to know what’s blowing your mind this year from Brooklyn to the Bronx and everywhere in between…

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