one of our go-to natural health pros, Dr. Shelley Young, told us that one could never eat too many avocados. Boy, were we glad to hear that. 

Avocado toast is something of an obsession around here. Let’s politely call it a “staple” in our diets. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly salted slice of toast “buttered” with the rich green fruit – and we can’t get enough. Avocados are rich in monosaturated fat, fiber, vitamin C and B6. Avocados also contains more potassium per weight than bananas – a key mineral in a balanced, alkaline diet.

With no excuses in sight to slow down our avocado toast obsession we thought we’d equip readers with a few ways to mix up the morning staple. Find our list of favorite toast combinations below and take your morning habit to higher heights!

Start with your ideal toast. 
Not all toast is equal (read more about it here and here.) We love sprouted sourdough bread. It’s flavorful and easier to digest than many other breads. But do your thing – find the toast that’s right for you: whether gluten-free, sprouted, naturally soured, or even that strange European, packaged Mestemacher bread (it’s also one of our faves.)

avocado toast combos we love:

Goji berries or pomegranate arils: add antioxidants, color and a little sweet and sour flavor

Grape tomatoes, sea salt and pepper: add flavor, color and minerals, pink or grey salt are best

Bee pollen with shredded carrots: an energy boost and extra vitamin A

Quinoa and edamame or chickpeas: add protein and minerals with ancient grains and beans

Walnut halves or pistachios chunks: add texture, fat, fiber and minerals

Arugula or shredded kale with oil and salt: always more greens!

Blueberries: add a little color with health-boosting antioxidants

Cabbage or cured cabbage: add fermented veggies for extra probiotics

Sliced red pears: add a little juice and a major of extra vitamins

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  1. I am obsessed with avocados – thank you for giving me great new ways to enjoy it!

    Cathy Eng | 03.09.2015 | Reply
  2. Try avocado toast and sprinkle onion salt on it….delish, it’s even better if you pop 2 slices of bacon on top of that, was brought up on this, still my favorite 60 years later!

    Nanci | 03.12.2015 | Reply
  3. Arugula, hemp seeds, a squeeze of lemon juice… You can’t go wrong with avocado toast!

    Andy | 05.27.2015 | Reply
  4. I started a new version of avocado toast that I call avocado taco for breakfast. Warm a corn tortilla, smash desired about of avocado on half of tortilla, squeeze of lime, dash of sea salt, diced tomatoes, topped with micro greens or chopped spinach/arugula mix. Enjoy!!

    Orlene | 03.09.2019 | Reply

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