This month, we're all about slowing down. Leading the way, Dr. Christiane Northrup, a pioneer in communicating the mind-body connection we so thoroughly embrace...

This November, we’re all about slowing down. That’s it. That’s our theme and we’re sticking to it. In the blur that has been 2015, we’ve found it all to easy to breeze past birthdays and benchmarks in the rush to take care of all that’s on our plates. And, while our plates are certain to be even fuller this Thanksgiving month, we’re making a commitment to ourselves to slow down – to savor, to rest, to look more closely, and – as our November Guest would say – listen to our “inner wisdom.”

Taking the lead in our ‘slow movement’ this month, our Guest, Dr. Christiane Northrup, celebrated author, women’s doctor, and thought-leader, will be sharing essays weekly. Dr. Christiane’s new book, Goddesses Never Age, released earlier this year (and featured on TCM here,) echoes the principles she is well-loved for. Her take on wellness is ultra-holistic, addressing mind and emotions, attitudes and fears, as part of her look at well-being. The connection between our health and our emotions is astounding. We love this quote from the doctor below that sums up the idea nicely:

“When we find the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver’s seat of our lives and can make profound changes. Nothing is more exhilarating or empowering.”

We invite you to join us this month as we ride the breaks and slow our mad rush of a pace. Inspect your own rate of speed daily, schedule extra time for rest and reflection, and consider picking up a cookbook or two from this month’s shop to spend some time ‘slow-cooking’ in the kitchen. Here’s Dr. Christiane…  

Hi everyone,

This September I drove by Stonehenge on a trip to the legendary Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon in England—a pilgrimage I have wanted to take for my entire life. And as I looked over at the iconic mystical monument I was reminded of how this and so many other sacred sites on the earth were set up specifically to reflect both the summer and winter solstices. Many many sacred sites on planet Earth were built to reflect and celebrate the rotation of the sun and the planets. And whether we know it or not, we are each deeply affected, biologically, emotionally and spiritually by the rhythms of the tides, the waxing and waning of the moon, the rise and setting of the sun, and all the other planets as well. And when we connect with these rhythms, with intention, purpose and pleasure, our lives begin to take on deeper meaning.

Our Western overly intellectualized approach to just about everything would have us believe that we are separate from Earth herself. And that we and should control her. But that’s the same as thinking that we should always be in control of our bodies and our emotions. There is a much stronger pulse running through all of us—that is connected to and part of a bigger whole. And though we are ageless immortal beings, our souls are currently operating through physical bodies. And these physical bodies are exquisitely attuned to the greater rhythms of the universe. You can tune into the wonder of nature by eating mostly living foods—like freshly made juice and smoothies. Or whole natural food. I like to say that eating whole natural food is like breast feeding from the Earth herself. The Earth will heal you if you give her a chance.

Looking forward to our month of reflection together,


Dr. Christiane Northrup

Editor’s note: Part of going slow most definitely includes reading more books! Leaf through our Guest’s Goddesses Never Age:
The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
for the ultimate inspiration.