Find Your Signature Scent: 8 Non-Toxic, But Intoxicating Perfumes For Fall

Do you have a signature scent? If not, fall is the perfect time to find one! If so, we hate to the be bearer of annoying news, but it’s possible your fave fragrance is filled with hormone disruptors, allergy-inducers and other questionable chemicals.

We know. As if any of us need another “fun” thing in life to be complicated with a laundry list of dangerous concerns. But, in this case, ignorance is not bliss. The more we’ve learned about potential dangers hidden in some of our favorite fragrances, the more we’ve begun relying on safe, natural perfumes like the below – and saving our less-than-natural perfumes for rare occasions.

All hope is not lost. Our eight picks for non-toxic perfume range from sexy and smoky to girly and glam. Find a few you love and wear them with peace of mind!

Divine Oil by Caudalie
Absolutely addictive. Caudalie’s skin-sweetening spray oil is perfect to add a moisturizing sheen to legs and arms that doubles as perfume. The scent is warm, sweet, clean and sexy.


RSW005 Eau de Toilette by Lurk 
Bottles of Lurk can be found in some of the chicest shops from New York to L.A. They’re just go gosh darn gorgeous – and what’s inside just can’t be beat as far as green beauty goes. Lurk’s ingredients are clean, safe and often hand-harvested from exotic sustainable sources. RSW005 is a classic, old-fashioned rose and sandalwood blend with a dry, androgynous finish.


NSTV7 Perfume Oil by Lurk 

Another Lurk fragrance. Lurk’s perfume oils come in tiny, architecturally-inspired bottles we love. Love tuberose flowers, but hate tuberose-SCENTED products? This one’s for you – floral in the most subtle, spicy earthy way. A must-have in any scent collection. 


Hair Perfume by Sachajuan 

Hair perfume, because why not? This light and clean scent is perfect for the girl who just wants to smell like soap. Spritz through your hair mid-day at work or in the taxi between bar hops to feel ultimately refreshed.   


Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil by NUXE 
This blend of precious plant oils make for a great signature scent. Completely intoxicating, but not over-bearing. Gives a pretty sheen to skin and you’ll get hooked on the cult classic scent. We’re swooning over the warm and balanced, lightly floral smell of this body oil!


Perfume Signature Scent by Vered Organic Botanicals 
Facialist Vered Back blends her own essential face oils. One of her classics smells so great, her clients finally convinced her to turn it into a perfume. Delicious and sensual with vanilla, geranium, orange blossom and spice.


Sexy Angelic Verrine Eau de Toilette by Honoré Des Prés 
We love that there are so many options in the green beauty world these days. This one’s for the girl that finds girly, conventional perfumes really tough to give up. Sexy Angelic is super-flirty and a far cry from the crunchy patchouli offering you might associate with ‘all natural’. Fresh almond, Angelica seeds, Hemlock flower, Marzipan, Iris


Garnet Perfume Oil by Sage
All of Sage Machado’s perfume oils are named for gemstones. Find your birthstone or just try a slew of them til you find one you love. These pocket-sized rollerballs stay on all day, come in about thirty scents, and get us compliments from strangers. Check out Garnet or her classic, super-sexy Onyx. 


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