NYC’s Late Night Workout Scene is Very Real

Manhattan may be the city that never sleeps, but we were surprised to learn what’s keeping New Yorkers awake. According to Classpass‘ annual trend report, New Yorkers are ranked most likely to head out for a late night workout. According to Classpass definition, that means they’re taking classes at 7:30pm or later – and taking them often!

We love an evening workout ourselves, whether it’s sweating off a long work day or getting a late night yoga session in to feed our inner night owl. Some NYC studios offer classes that end as late as midnight, so there’s an abundance of opportunity to get a late night workout in.

If you’re on the Right Coast and looking to get in on the action, here are some of the top studios offering those last-call sessions:

Our 6 Favorite Late Night Workouts in NYCSky Ting Yoga: This buzzy yoga studio is an oasis in the big, bustling city with a beautiful space and savvy teachers that can cool down even the most fired-up New Yorker. LEARN MORE

Strala Yoga: Another “Om” my goodness yoga experience, a class at yogi Tara Stile’s studio – which offers classes as late as 8:45pm – will work your muscles and get your brain zened-out without taking any of it too seriously. LEARN MORE

Physique 57:We love the burn of a good barre class. Physique 57 combines the best of barre with other strength training techniques for a low-impact but high-intensity fill body workout. Their last class starts at 8:15pm, but don’t stress if you’re running late from happy hour – Physique 57 offers the ability to stream classes online from the comfort of your closet apartment. LEARN MORE

FlyWHEEL: There’s nothing like a little competitive indoor cycling to torch the stress from the day. We may be partial to Soul Cycle here on the West Coast, FlyWheel and FlyBarre are all about coming out on top – how very NYC.

ModelFIT: Designed to lengthen, lift and tone, this ballet-slash-boxing inspired, alignment-focused workout is a natural fave for runway and red carpet queens across the city. LEARN MORE

Barry’s Bootcamp: This challenging circuit workout will get you sweating, sore and doped up on endorphins within the first five minutes – imagine what 60 minutes will do. With their late classes starting at 7:50pm and 9pm, it’s easy to slip in a sesh before calling it a day. LEARN MORE

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