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‘The class’ is one of those things you won’t understand until you’ve tried it. Not quite fitness but physically challenging, not quite meditation but deeply cathartic. Taryn Toomey’s signature ‘workout’ is as unique and uplifting as Taryn herself.

We’re launching a new series here on the site, ‘What I’ve Learned’ that lets us ask the pros we love for the kind of insights we normally get only over a private cup of coffee.

We’re we asked Taryn to tell us about the lessons she’s learned along her unique life path, from business relationships to building a mini-empire based on introspection…

What I’ve Learned…

about business – Finding the right core team is the foundation for success.

about myself – I am incredibly porous and can tolerate a lot of intensity at once. I feel so much, which I believe is a blessing and that allows me to do my work. It is also a difficult combination at times. If I share or open myself to the wrong type of energy, it can be draining spiritually, emotionally and physically.

on self-care – If you don’t make it a part of your life and practice, you will be forced to.

on wellness – It’s a constant balancing act and requires you to tune into your own internal compass. We are all unique and should not allow someone to shame or guilt us into believing we need to do something that doesn’t feel right for us.

about people – People are not always who they say they are. People will disappoint you. People will shame and blame and hate. And most of that is because they are hurt. Do not let these things harden you. We all have a heart. We all want to been seen and loved. The one who suffers most when you hold onto anger is you.

on life – See above. Don’t fight hurt with hurt unless you want a big pile of hurt. Use authentic love — it feels better for everyone.

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  1. I love this class !!! I love her words. I can relate so much so. Thank you for these beautiful words

    LorainePavich | 01.11.2018 | Reply
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful for us.

    Jason Lowey | 01.11.2018 | Reply
  3. Beautiful soul – great to know that there are others who do not fight hurt with hurt! Thank you for the reminder, thank you for the inspiration.

    Danae | 01.12.2018 | Reply
  4. good article.its very interesting and very helpful for me and others, who reads regularly article posted by you.

    Raksaplava | 01.12.2018 | Reply
  5. Brilliantly said! Taryn and her very special team are simply pure love. They get it and I can’t think of a better workout that covers it all, mind, body and soul.

    Silvia | 01.12.2018 | Reply

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