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These days, it’s rare to find our coffee cups filled with black coffee alone. And we’re not talking about a splash of milk or a dash of sugar here. Lately, we’re all about pouring in as many nutritive elements as we can – from collagen powder, MCT oilgrass-fed butter, and plant-based protein powder to some of the coolest superfood supplements we’ve ever come across.

This month, Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell is introducing us to two brand-new finds straight from Kopi Kopi in Greenwich Village, NYC that are right in line with our latest obsession – find all her NYC picks here. You can bet we’ll be experimenting with DIY versions of these tomorrow morning…

What I drank:

Kopi Kopi’s coconut milk coffee and layered avocado coffee.

Why I drank it:

Kopi Kopi is an Indonesian coffee shop in Greenwich Village that serves a slew of unsung coffee-based drinks. In addition to this super refreshing sipper with coconut, I’d also suggest trying es alpukat, which is a hot drink made with layers of espresso and sweetened avocado puree!

Why you need it:

Coconut as an ingredient is both cooling and creamy, plus the fruit is high in vital minerals like potassium. When coconut milk is mixed with coffee, it yields an incredibly addictive, energizing drink that’s not too sweet. And over ice, it’s the absolute perfect remedy for a hot New York day. 

Where To Find It:

Visit Kopi Kopi in Greenwich Village near Washington Square Park.

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