Gather Your Tribe: A Balancing Ceremony For The New Moon in Aries

New moon, new you. The one and only Philosophie mama, Sophie Jaffe, is explaining the significance of the new moon in Aries this Sunday, April 15th, and sharing a sweet and meaningful new moon celebration. Call your tribe and get that palo santo burning…

I always find the New Moon to be such a magical time for setting intentions, listening to your intuition and allowing yourself to cleanse and reset. A New Moon signals rebirth and growth. We are all affected by the Moon and her shifts, especially as women. The New Moon is a time to start fresh, connect inward and check in with our shadowy side. This is a time to journal, take long baths, meditate, rest and cleanse. Solo time is necessary.

The Moon is born again preparing for her new cycle. Each New Moon offers the space to tap into a new version of ourselves and, depending on the sign it lies in, you can experience different versions of yourself and reach into the dark corners of your soul to better bring them into the light.

Typically, we create sacred energy and gather a group of women to collectively collaborate, harness feminine power, set intentions and play off of each other’s strengths. Gather your soul sisters and prepare for a healing, energetic cycle. If you’re feeling more reflective and inward, then prepare a Moon circle in your home surrounded in the quiet energy. A detox bath soak is a perfect solo night in, lit by candles with loving intentions.

What to Gather for a New Moon Ceremony

select Crystals | Gather crystals that represent the energy you want to bring into this upcoming Moon cycle: the strengths you’re needing most at this point in your life. I love citrine. It is so beautiful. It also manifests abundance and brings energies of generosity so that the prosperity and success are shared.

burn Palo Santo | Palo santo has strong energetic vibrations that can help your body and mind prepare to enter sacred space. I like to palo santo or sage myself and anyone else before starting a ceremony, to cleanse the space and myself of any old or stagnant energy.

a Journal + Pen | I always keep a journal with me in each ceremony to write my intentions or any emotions/thoughts that come up that I want to release.

select Essential Oil | Use different scents of essential oils to achieve different mental-emotional effects, either before the ceremony or after, to affirm your intentions and create a pure mind-body connection.

bring out a Moon Deck | During every ceremony I pull a card to help set my intentions for the New Moon cycle. They also seem to represent my life so completely and provide exactly what I need in that moment. I pull from The Moon Deck. Such a beautiful deck and truly inspiring for every goddess. You can also pull tarot cards, angel cards, goddess cards or from any sort of deck that speaks to you.

Once you’ve set your space, prepare your mind and body for releasing any emotions/energy you need to, in order to bring in the new energy and power to carry you through this New Moon cycle. It’s important to welcome any emotion and thought that comes to you during this ceremony. It’s completely normal to feel more emotional around the New Moon. It’s vital to connect with other women to be truly “seen” and felt, and to know we are always supported and held by our sisters, even if we don’t always see it or feel it.

A Ceremony for The New Moon In Aries

April 15th is a New Moon in Aries. This Moon is a spiritual and compassionate time, particularly good for making a fresh start in your love life. Whether rejuvenating an existing relationship or finding new love, the planets align in your favor. A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. This is a great time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. Since this is springtime and days have become longer and filled with more sunshine, it’s a great time to spring cleanse your home and organize. A New Moon gives a burst of energy and initiative for making a fresh start. Because this New Moon is in a fire sign, here are some questions to prompt deeper thinking about your life and intentions:

+ What is igniting your passions lately? What are you feeling extra fired-up about?

+ In what areas of your life (career, sexually, adventures, etc.) can you find more passion and heat?

+ What would you like to set fire to? A behavior not serving you, a relationship draining you, a habit?

Use these questions to ignite an opening in your heart and soul for deep seeking and thoughtful prayer. To give these intentions and feelings more power, share them with women you trust. This is a ripe time to speak into reality what you want to create and manifest in your life.

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