Spring has sprung and we want all the florals, everywhere. In a vase? Definitely. In our self-care routines? Why not!

This pretty springtime meditation uses natural elements like flowers and crystals, to help create energetic space for us to blossom with the season — or at least give us an excuse to put our crystal collection to work. Crystal guru, author and founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, breaks it down with this easy but energetically impactful high-vibe meditation for spring…

Spring is an energetically charged time. It’s a season when many of us look to shift into a healthier lifestyle. While we may have slid into a comfortable apathy in winter, spring’s essence of revival offers a sense of redemption. I like to use this time as a springboard for the rest of the season.

Practicing a ritual to cleanse, focus and motivate my energy helps me pick up those pursuits I’ve allowed to languish and breathe new life into them. Instead of stopping at just cleaning the home and detoxing the body, go that extra step further and reawaken your spiritual energy as well. This ensures your environment, body and spirit are all in sync with the revitalizing energy of spring.

This spring ritual is meant to tune your spirit into nature’s blossoming energy. The active meditation involved is an easy way for even the most overactive minds to transition into peace. Through the mindful activity of this ritual, you will be forced to focus all of your attention on the task at hand. This takes your mind off things that might be causing anxiety or stress. The added stress-relieving benefit of this ritual is that it literally gets your hands back into nature. It calls for you to touch and smell the flowers and plants as you work to stimulate your senses with the calming effects of the Earth. As flowers heal and uplift the spirit, the crystals within this ritual will also help to ground your soul and surround you with loving energies.

I love to use rose quartz, carnelian or chrysocolla in my flower meditation – but feel free to trust your intuition and choose the crystal of your choice. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and beauty. Its energy melds beautifully with the energy of the flower world, bringing loving, uplifting energy into your space and spirit. Carnelian is a stone of joy and creativity. Connecting to its vibrant energy can help you to tap into your inner artist. Use this stone to inspire yourself to go create. Chrysocolla is an amazing stone for new beginnings. It helps you to shift into a fresh mindset and encourages you to let go of what no longer serves you.

If you’re ready for fresh energy to bring new life to your spirit, then perform this purification ritual. By setting an intention to reinvigorate your spirit, you can ground yourself in a powerfully transformational energy.

11-Minute Crystallized Flower Meditation


+ a variety of flowers and leaves
+ 2-3 crystals of your choosing — I recommend rose quartz, carnelian or chrysocolla
+ a large bowl (preferably glass)
+ water
+ timer


Fill a bowl with water.

Take your crystals and set them in the bowl.

To program the water and crystals with an intention, place both hands over the bowl, and ask that they hold your intention to bring new opportunities and fresh beginnings into your life. The intention can be whatever you wish, so feel free to alter it as you feel called to.

Set a timer for 11 minutes.

Select petals and leaves from your variety of plants, place them into the water and begin ripping the petals into smaller and smaller pieces. Thank the plants and flowers for allowing you to use their medicine. Let your mind focus solely on this action while holding the energy of your intention. Continue adding as many petals and leaves as you like, ripping them into smaller and smaller pieces. Ideally, you want to do this in complete silence in a space where you will not be interrupted.

After your 11 minutes are up, and you’ve created a colorful mixture within your bowl, put your hands over the bowl. Take a minute to sit with gratitude for the abundance of nature, water and the Earth. Then take a leftover flower or stem with leaves, dip it in the water, and use it to sprinkle yourself with the programmed water.

Take your crystals out, and set them either on a sacred altar, or somewhere that can be easily seen. You want to be able to visually connect with them often, so that you can be reminded of your intention each day.

Then go into the shower, bath or outside — whatever you’re most comfortable with — and pour the petal mixture over your head. Allow it to cascade over you as it purifies the body and spirit. If you do not have time to do this right after the meditation, store your floral water in a Mason jar or closed container in the fridge until the next time you bathe/shower.

Use this ritual as a way to settle and focus the mind. Think of this as a way to bless yourself with your own intentions. By getting clear on what energy you want to create for yourself this spring, it’s easier to grow that future for yourself.

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